John Hagen

"Dr Hagen recently performed a laparoscopic lap band removal for me. I found him to be very professional but at the same time warm and friendly. He was willing to answer my questions, and he referred me to the Ontario Bariatric Network with no fuss after I told him I have a failed gastric bypass from 15 years ago. My passive aggressive family doctor had been refusing to refer me for over two years. My only issue was the waiting room and wait time in his office. For my first appointment I had to wait 2 hours past my appointment time. The wait room was overcrowded and people were forced to stand in the hallway outside the office. For the surgical followup appointment the wait room was still overcrowded but I only had to wait less than half an hour to see the doctor."
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Etobicoke, ON
Aug 23, 2004
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Before my gastric bypass, 2005
8 years after gastric bypass, before the lap band (2013)