Girl with a plan

Jan 26, 2018

2018 Working on regain by exercise and diet fine tuning.

Plan is to exercise daily on my Bowflex M5 I have dropped 8 pounds so far! Going to follow Keto diet elliminate carbs in bread, rice and pasta forms. Going to eats more vegetables, fruit and lean chicken and fish. slight amount of dairy and I hope to get down to my goal! which is 140

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Today is the day

Sep 15, 2008

finally the day is here.
I am ready , well except for putting my things into a suitcase. Feels strange packing for the hospital stay. I mean I am so used to packing for vacations and this is no vacation.

Downloaded some nice meditation music for my mp3, I think when I am in pain and feel like jumping out of my skin I will choose that time to meditate. What better time for relax music. Maybe some meds to go along with the music to get the relaxation flowing.

I have lists of phone numbers, so phone is going with. I am thinking the chargers too? Oh my, too much stuff thinking like that. I will set that extra stuff aside then beg hubby to bring when mp3 and cell phone have died.

what else to do , SLEEP and somehow that will be hard to do as I took a nap in the afternoon. Sleep would be best thing for this body.

I was in the store in line thinking this whole surgery over, and when it was my turn, the cashier ask me "when is your baby due"  WOWOWOW all thoughts of maybe not doing this were gone.  Damn that will be the last time someone see me as a pregnant lady!!!!!!

Ok so it's hardly the fault of others when I do look so big I could be carrying a child or even twins, seriously people never as a lady i she is pregnant if you do not absolutely KNOW she is prego.

What did I say? my standard response, "oh I am just fat"  as I have had to reply to this remark more than a few times.

Onward to a thin me, and  healthy me.    

MoviPrep - there is no movie in my box!!

Sep 11, 2008

   for those of you who know of MoviPrep, you know what I am talking about!

I have colonoscopy and endoscopy tomorrow morning so... I must do the prep, and it is so hard to drink all this down!!!

I am full and still have second round to do later.

Gotta go.

I will be smiling after procedure and all is good.

7 days from now!

Sep 09, 2008

I was having dinner with my husband and I realized that 7 days from now I would be out of surgery and life would begin for me as a WLS person.

WOW I will be having surgery as planned. My PCP cleared me!!

nothing was said about my anemia, she recieved the test results and she said she would call me if something looked bad. No news means good news. no news. 

 but I will go ahead and have the colonoscopy done Friday. My PCP helped me see the logic in doing it before surgery. I mean it is much easier to do now,

one; how would I drink down that huge bottle they have you take prior to the test, after the surgery???

two; blowing my colon up with air would have to wait until???? after surgery.

so knowing that the test could be done much easier now, and hopefully finding out that I am A OK , is best scenario.

Kane center called, Dr Kane saw my blood labs, and I am deficient in Vitamin D.

My score was 21 and should be between 31-80, so I will be taking 2000 IU daily as per his orders   So I bought some Vitamin D at CVS, along with some other stuff for my hospital stay and recovery.

Need a vacation and some SUN, my pasty self is lacking Vitamin D, well truly better than TOO much D.

Now I am going to take a nap, really miss my coffee.


Last minute stuff

Sep 06, 2008

Just when I can cross off a few things from my to do list --- more is added
This is what I have completed;

Attended Dr Crane's  support meeting.
Obtained clearance from Pulmonologist.
Paperwork done for leave.
Session with Nutrionist done.
Pre-op visit with Dr. Kane done.
Work schedule modified and ok'd.
Pre-surgical testing done.
Filled prescription for Lovenox.
Prep - stuff for day before surgery bought.

purchased and picked up the  "Impact Advance Recovery" drinks.
ordered multivitamins and protein supplements.
stocked the pantry with appropriate foods for first few weeks.
bought little food grinder.
Froze small portions of single ingredient soup ( use ice tray then put in ziploc)

Need to do;
See PCP on Monday, Have md ask for faxed results on pre-surgical tests, so maybe she can see my iron is ok, I hope I am no longer anemic. - hopefully she will not require a colonoscopy for clearance, in case she does- I was lucky to get one scheduled for friday.

See Dr Sales about having colonoscopy on wednesday. and ask ask ask lots of questions.

Friday they have scheduled me at hospital for colonoscopy.

have colonoscopy  or cancel and wait??????  ( I hope they do not get mad if I cancel)
since it is at hospital and I have to have anesthesia - will this interfere with surgery date? Is it not so good to have this done so close to my surgery date Tuesday the next week??

I need to buy a lightweight robe, and some PJs, I kind of want the kind that is button down top and loose pants. Would this make since for hospital? Maybe this type and a few nightgowns. I was told that I would stay 3-4 days.

I should get a good book to read. hmmm... I usually like to read cook books, but this would be bad choice for obvious reasons.

during the past few months I converted to a "list" person, truly without them I would be making multiple trips to same places and likely still missing few items.

Well off I go to accomplish what I can, if I stay home much longer I will likely start my housekeeping chores and thats no fun! It's such a beautiful 70 degree beezy day!!
I have to get outside and enjoy - chores can wait until night time.

I have a surgery date!!!! yipeeeeeeeee

Aug 24, 2008

 Oh my, surgery date confirmed!! September 16th, 2008.

I am really excited.  I have many things to do! this will be good for me though, I won't have time to get nervous.

so my to do list at this point;

see the  nutritionist. ( appointment set up)

see pcp for clearance. ( appointment set up)

pre-surgical testing- Have yet to speak to live person when I call for appointment. Do they really call back if you leave message?

pick up the liquid supplement from Kane center

see Dr Kane. ( appointment set up)

make sure paperwork for time off done.

find out if local pharmacy can fill the lovenox rx or do I need to enroll in specialty Cigna pharmacy??

Boss ok'd  a shorter work schedule for all the appointments I need to take care of.  ( done)


Benefits of surgery I expect to see

Aug 23, 2008

reduce my insulin resistance, stop needing medication for my type 2 diabetes

lower my blood pressure , eliminate medication for this.

reduce the amount of fats in my blood, including cholesterol - eliminating my medication for this issue.

reduce the strain placed upon my joints, thereby preventing or improving osteoarthritis and just not feeling so achy all over.

hopefully reduce or eliminate my sleep apnea, I am really tired of wearing the mask to bed. 

improve acid reflux , possibly eliminating another medication I take daily.

reduces breathing problems associated with asthma, although I will always keep inhalers everyone around me. Such a scary thing to have attack and not know where the inhaler is!!



Less than a month from surgery

Aug 16, 2008

I spoke with Bessie at the mdo and she gave me tentative date when I could possibly be schedule ( September 17th)  

I have clearance from the pulmonologist. He sent me RX for the lovenox.
Scheduled for ultrasound on the 21 of Aug.
Seminar with Dr. Crane 23 of August ---need to remember no sleeping in that Saturday.
Nutritionist 3rd of September,
Dr Kane on the 4th.

My PCP saw me the other day and gave me results of the echo -cardiogram. All good heart pumping with no signs of thickness, Some signs that my lungs have issues and that she said would be the sleep apnea. All in all , very good.

I am really excited!!! After nearly a year of serious journey and 5 + thinking about the surgery, it looks like it will be happening.

The timing is right, work has enough time to train the newest addition, my daughter will be back at school --- all moved in and comfy!
My son will be moved to Boston area and starting his new job.

I was hoping my mother could come and be here, but she really hates to travel so I think I will not ask.  She would be welcome but I understand how she feels and I don't want her to feel pressured.

Hubby will take time off to care for me and that should be sufficient.

I am so looking forward to getting this weight off!!!!

I can almost recall how it felt to be normal size ( 10-12 ) I moved easily and did not feel so conspicuous.

When I get an actual surgery date I can begin an official countdown, it feels good to know it's likely less than 30 days away.

Back to work for me

Jul 16, 2008

Today was my first day back to work. I made special effort to get away from my desk, walking around and making sure I did not sit with legs still for too long.

I found a box and put my feet up on it under my desk, my own ghetto ottomon. It felt good though, somehow I bend forward and cut circulation off, so the new recline poition kept me from doing that. 

Really I think I was happier at work because I was taking care of myself better, no point in working so hard I put my health in shabbles! Those days are over.  Seems like the time away gave me chance to adjust my attitude, and realize I have to be my own advocate at work. I said NO WAY to a 10.5 hour - 4 day work week. 

My letter with approval came and I was really glad to see it in writing. I talked to Maria at the Kane center and she is going to get back to me about "next steps" later this week.

My buddy Michelle (insurance person at Kane center)  is away on vacation, she has worked hard to get me approved. LOL maybe why she needed the vacation? With the blood clot issue, I can't have surgery for awhile so I can relax and heal. My to do list can wait a bit.



Jul 14, 2008

What wonderful news I recieved via phone call, I am approved. Now my eyes would like to see it on paper. I am so excited I can't stop smiling.

Err... I do need to get over this blood clot issue and clear the posible heart murmur but I feel like everything is moving along.

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