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"My first impression of Dr. Vick was good. He took the time for My husband and I to ask as many question that we could think of. He even explain to us the different types of surgeries and the pros and cons so that we could make the best decision for me. He has a super nurse, she is very direct and all about health. Before I was even given a appointment, she told me I had to have certain paper work to her along with my referral before I would be given my first appointment, which took me about 1 week to do so. It kind of hurted my feeling in the beginning, but it was all for my good, because it really showed me how serious this surgery was. But the office staff.. naw... I was not impress at all. I was told numerous of time that paper work was sent to me, which would have been a one to two day turn around, that I never received. I was really to the point of looking for another Doctor. Ms. Evelyn (nurse) made sure after my first appointment that I got all my testing appointment schedule the same day. I was able to have all appointment finish with a 5 week time period. Thank God November 20, was my last appointment before surgery."
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