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Oct 25, 2015

6/29/15 Starting my journey at 484lbs. Went to see the Dr.s nurse today for my initial weigh in and get informational packet.

7/5/15 Started the diet given to me by the dr.s nurse.

7/18/15 Initial visit with the dietician.  Weighed in at 468lbs. She is happy to see a 16 lb. weight loss in 12 days. She gave me an informational packet as well as a CD to listen to. She also gave the ketosis diet to start on 7/27/15 for 1 week.

7/18/15 Initial visit with the psychiatrist to do the questionnaires.

7/20/15 2nd visit with the drs. nurse for 2nd weigh in. My weight remained the same since 7/18/15.

7/27/15  Starting the 5 day Ketosis today. Ok so having chicken and broth for breakfast wasn't all that bad but I still have 4 more days to go! I've had so much water today I'm ready to float away! It is nice being able to have sugar free jello and shellfish though. So for lunch I had broth and 3oz of shrimp although I miss the nice spicy ****tail sauce it's still very good. For dinner was 3oz of grilled lean beef and broth. Total days calories are 484 with 1.6g of carbs. 

The journey continues.

DAY2 of 5 Ketosis  Diet :Having pork tenderloin and broth was not greatest breakfast but at least I got to wa**** down with a big glass of cold H2O.

I'm following the rules to the T. I weighed today at home and was down 2lbs. Pretty good for only being on the plan for 24hrs so far! Downside to the diet for me has been lower energy, not feeling all that great with some nausea and some diarrhea. I have still managed to get down 110 oz of clear liquids in plus the 24oz of broth. I think I'm floating away! LOL :)  The bathroom has been my best friend! I know that this needs to done with no slip ups and that's exactly what I'm gonna do! I'll blow the dr.s ketostick out of the water on Saturday when I get tested!

The journey continues.

7/29/15: Day 3 of ketosis diet. Yesterday felt pretty crappy for most of the day. Today felt pretty good until about 6pm. Now my stomach is pretty upset, diarrhea again and don't even want to eat my last meal of the day but I will cause it's all part of the journey and I need some nutrition. On a positive note I have lost 5lbs for a total of 7 pounds in 2 days!

7/30/14 Day of 5 of the ketosis diet. This is not a pleasant to be on. your body goes through a lot of changes. The first part of the day I felt ok then about 1pm I started to feel real crappy. I was sick to my stomach, diarrhea and a headache. Overall just miserable. I started feel just a little better around 6:30p. I managed to eat dinner ok but shortly after it started all over again until around midnight. On a positive note I did lose 2 pounds.

7/31/15 day 5 of 5 the last day of the ketosis diet. I felt ok until about noon the became sick to my stomach, diarrhea and absolutely no energy. I forced about 3/4 of my lunch down. At around 7pm it let up a little so I again forced dinner down. Afterwards it started again until around 11.45pm. The scale stayed the same as yesterday. My official weigh in is tomorrow and get pee tested as well to prove conformance. More to come....

8/1/15 -Today was my weigh in from the 5 day ketosis diet. I also was urine tested for compliance and tested as high of level of ketosis as you can get. I did great, losing a total of 13lbs in 5 days! Woo Hoo! The diet was not fun at all with a lot of sickness involved and I never want to see beef or chicken broth again! And to think I used to love broth but after having to consume it for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 5 days straight. Never again!!! LOL! On a positive note this brings my total weight loss to 29lbs in 3 weeks pre-surgery! The journey continues.

In addition I had my second and final visit with the nutritionist/dietician. All went well with a great result on the ketosis test.I also had my second and final visit the psychiatrist. All went well. He asked some more questions like what are your trigger foods?, If you could eat as much you wanted of food what would it be? etc....

8/4/15 Got on the scale today and saw a 5lb gain! The nutritionist said that this would happen after coming off of the ketosis diet but it still not easy to accept. Hopefully I will lose this gain very soon.

8/15/15 Since coming off the ketosis diet a couple of weeks ago my body has not been readjusting well. I have been going up and down on the scale and I'm currently at 458lbs. I'm still sticking to my dr's nutritional plan to the T and hopefully I'll start loosing again soon.

8/20/15 I think my body is finally readjusted from doing the ketosis diet. The scale finally started moving again. Today I weighed in at 453lbs. Yay!

8/24/25 Today I had my 3 rd visit with the surgeons nurse. I had a 9 pound weight loss since the last time we met. She was very happy! My next step will be getting a cardiac cath. done from my cardiologist to get clearance for surgery....One step at a time! And the journey continues!

9/2/15 Still following the pre-op diet to the T and my weight continues to go down.....slowly but still going down. Today I weighed in at 451 lbs.

9/7/15 I had my last nutrition class today and also met with the NUT and psychiatrist for post-op instructions. My next step is to have a cardiac catheter done on 9/22/15 to get clearance for the surgery. If there are any issues going on with my heart than those issues will need to be resolved and may result in having surgery at a later date. Due to having 3 stents in one artery already if there are any issues in that artery I will have to have open heart surgery cause they can't put anymore stents in there. Keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well!

10/22/15 My cardiac cath. went very well and I now have the clearance for the surgeon to submit to insurance co. for approval. A few days later I got the call from my surgeon saying my surgery was denied due to an exculsion on my policy. I am now appealing the denial and fighting to get approval for surgery. I know it's a slim chance so I'm also meeting with my boss to see if he will put a rider on my insurance policy. If nothing is able to get worked out hopefully when we have the open enrollment one of the plans he offers will cove the WLS. I may lose this battle but I will win the war!! The journey continues.

4/1/16 In Jan. 2016 I was able to enroll in a new insurance plan. I now have a new surgeon (Dr. Darren Tishler) at Hartford Hospital. I have done some of the pre requisits and have a few more appointments to get done then hopefully have a date for surgery set.


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