My story is probably like everyone else's story.  I always battled my weight in high school and after I graduated I became comfortable with my husband and started putting on weight.  My highest weight was never over 280 and I thought that at least I wasn't in the 300's ...but then changes happened and I gained more weight.  I started Weight Watchers and when I stepped on the scale and seen 315 pounds I started crying..I never have been over 300 and didn't know what to do.  I worked the Weight Watchers program and lost 45 pounds.  Then decided to do the diet on my own and gained weight back.  When I started looking into the gastric bypass surgery  I was scared...I made an appt for surgery and went through the 2 week shake diet for 2 days.  I then started crying over wanting food and had to have a cheeseburger and fries.  I canceled surgery and told myself I couldn't give up my food.  After a year passed and my knees gotten worse and could barely make it up steps without my legs hurting.  I went through the process again to schedule the gastric bypass surgery.  I was scared of dying and failing.  I had my surgery August 2,2011.  It was the most scariest thing to go through but I made it through!

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