I'm a SLOW loser

Oct 13, 2015

Week 16 and I am down 43.7 since surgery.  My stats are as follows:  HW: 266.1 PreSurgery -10.1, SW: 256, M1- 18, M2-10.9, M3- -10.6, so far M4 -4.1. 

If I hear one more VSG/WLS veteran say "It really doesn't matter what you eat the first 6 months- you will lose weight.." I will punch them in the face.  I have to FIGHT for every pound I lose.  I exercise 1.5-2 hours 5-6 times EVERY week and have been since week 2.  It's official.  I am one slow ass loser.  I journal EVERYTHING I eat in MFP.  I avoid carbs at all costs.  I don't even eat corn, potatoes or any starchy vegetable.  I get at least 90 grams of protein everyday.  I have never gone above 1100 calories in a day.  I get my water in EVERYDAY.  This is NOT easy AT ALL.  But this isn't a diet I can just blow... it's MY life.  So I will make it work.  If you're getting WLS surgery thinking everything will be easy- Good Luck.  Not even close.


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