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Jun 05, 2009

Hello all,

I thas been a minute since I posted on here, but I would like to catch everyone up to waht has been going on with me.  My husband made it back at the end of March and since things have been going craaazy!!!  My first surgery date was scheduled for July 13 and then I got moved up to June 17th.  Yeah that is like 11 days to go I know it is not long at all.  I am the first to go in that morning I have to be at the hospital at 5:00 a.m.  I am starting to get nervous now.  I know that I am doing the right thing and God is with me all the way!!!  I know he has not brought me this far in life to leave me now!!!  A lot of things have changed for meover the last couple of months, I have started working online with the University of Phoenix teaching classes online, I'm in the training right now. 

I always want you guys to know all my firends on here I have not forgotten about any of you and I appreciate all of the encouraging words from each of you, things had just gotten crazy in the preparation for my husband returning and my surgery.  My doctor would not let me do the surgery until my husband came home becaue he wanted to make sure I had someone to help me witht he kids. 

I am so ready to embark on this new adventure in life.  Although I used to be smaller I am thnakful that I am getting a second chance to be HEALTHY!!!  I am so excited that I willnotbe tired and out of breath anymore from running around with the kids.  If anyone would like to get in contact with me please do email me privately and I will give you all of my information.  My husband is taking a week off work and my mom is coming up for a week.

Please keep me in your prayers as all my OH friends are always in mine!!!


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