WOW its been a bit.

Feb 09, 2007

Wow its been a bit since I posted. I signed my papers on December 8th. Other then that life kinda got swept away with dieting and the gym. That all is going well. I've lost 10 lbs in a month! YEAH!!!!
Oddly enough on days I go to the gym I can stay around 1200 calories.. Days I do not.. its a bit harder.... so fix for that.. Go to the gym every day! Its been going well so far. I find out again this sunday if I've gained in the last 2 weeks or not. I think I may have but hope I didnt.
But hey atleast I'm trying. I've mostly stayed under 1500 calories. The first few weeks were the easiest to stay under or around 1200. 
I found a great site. Its awesome.
I still dont have a date for my surgery but its probably going to be in April sometime hopefully! There is currently 11 ppl infront of me for the surgery.

Here's to wishing and hoping for a quick surgery.

Information session

Nov 12, 2006

ok so Its been a little busy lately. Alot of issues in my personal life.. AKA Boy issues! but anywho.. here is my story
Last Monday morning (nov 6th) I got a call for my information session.. She tells me she has a date for it blah blah blah.. I'm replying back extreamly estatically because I've been waiting forever for this. And then she says the only thing is... Its tomorrow morning at 8 am --O.o--ummmmm WHAT!!!!
So after some financial, and work juggling I set out for moncton at 530 am.. BTW it only take 1 hour and 45 minutes to get to moncton... I have GOT to stop leaving so early.
So anywho I go over have my information session.. I have not changed my mind I still want the gastric bypass not interested in the lap band at all.
They give us a shit load of papers and tell us stuff to look out for and tell us that we HAVE to start dieting and lose some weight as of NOW!
BTW the scales at the gym are WRONG I've gained 4 lbs. So I deffiantly have to lose the 4 lbs I gained or the surgery wont happen until it does.
The nurse proceeds to tell us we'll have one more visit before christmas litterally just to get weighed and sign papers. So I have started my diet.. sort of. I seem to be doing ok on it. I havnt been to the gym a whole lot but mostly because of my crazy work schedule.
They also said that if we get a call and its not a convenient time for us that we can reschedule it. She said after the information session most people are scheduled with in 3-4 months.
When I go to sign my papers I'm going to ask that I be put in for surgery in March if possible as financially that will be the best time for me.
So it looks like it will be somewhere around March :D
Now I just have to lose atleast 4 lbs :S Which shouldnt be to hard.. next possible day for me to go to the gym... friday.. but after working 15 hours on Thursday.. I may leave it til saturday. OYEVA

Sunday August 27th 2006

Aug 26, 2006

I would have updated sooner however personal life got on a run away train wreck.
My consult went well. He says that once I have my information session I will have the surgery within 6 months. YEAH!!! I think. He is forcing me to take atleast 4 weeks off work :( not so good financially. But Hey atleast I know I'll be having my surgery within the next year. September's information sessions are booked she said she would try to get me in for October. Then at the latest 6 months after then which would be April. I am so ready for this to be all done with and over!
He also said that since I'm so young, and on the lower side of weight with his patients I have a very very slim chance of dying... This is a good thing :P

I am now 5'3 (wtf how did i shrink more?!?!?!?!) and weigh 284. I am not allowed to gain weight before my surgery and it would be preferable if I lost wieght. SOOOOOOOOOO right now I have to start on my 1200 calorie a day diet :S and get back at the gym. I should have actually started that August 10th however... again personal life went on a run away train wreck and I burned badly. But I'm healing again and all is well.

Wish me luck!!!!

Monday July 31st 2006

Jul 30, 2006


June 7th 2006

Jun 06, 2006

I called once again to the surgeon, as I read someone who was approved in March was in to see the surgeon already which frustrated me. But I am now on page 2 of the patient list. One more page then its my turn. YEAH!!!! The reason some ppl get taken in quicker then myself is due to their start weight, co-morbities etc. Which I understand I just hope that first page of patients go by super quick!

March 22nd 2006

Mar 21, 2006

I called the surgeon again today. I have moved onto the 3rd page of patients. I am pretty sure I started out in August on the 5th or 6th page. Something tells me its the 6th page cause I remember her saying there are 5 pages of patients infront of you. So hopefully I'll be having the surgery within the next 6 months.
Here's to hoping

January 9th 2006

Jan 08, 2006

Still no word on surgery or consult or anything. Its been 4 months since I was approved. I'm itching to find out even a consult date. I will probably call tomorrow to see if there is any news. I've checked a few other people profiles from the same surgeon as me and they appear to all be waiting 10 months from approval time to Surgery time so lets hope that rings the same for me.

September 2nd 2005

Sep 01, 2005

I am an extreamly impatient person. The thought of possibly having to wait 2 years just makes me wanna cry and scream. I have been reading many profiles of patients from the DR in NB and some of them only have a 5-6 month wait. That I can handle. Two years.. I think I'd end up going insane.
I have considered going to bangor maine for the surgery. But Money is a factor. It is 7 hour drive there. I'd have to go 2-3 times pre-op then 4-5 times over the first year post op. So I think I may just wait it out in the maritimes.
I am approved by PEI health care to have the surgery. I got that Tuesday August 30th. She said she would fax the letter off to Dr. Beausoleil in NB that day or the next morning. So now its just a matter of waiting for the consultation.
I want to make this profile as friendly to people in the Maritimes to give them an idea of how long it will take to get the surgery approved. That's the most frustrating part is the not knowing approxtimately how long.

August 31st 2005

Aug 30, 2005

Well, my Dr wasn't contacting the surgeons fast enough for my liking, so I contacted them myself today. I have two consults in. One in New Brunswick, one in Nova Scotia. The surgeon in New Brunswick has a 1-2 year waiting list for the surgery. The surgeon in Nova Scotia has a 2 year waiting list for the consult and a 5 year waiting list for the surgery. So yeah, I guess It will be 1-2 years MINIMUM for me to get the surgery.
I guess I should look at it better late then never right. I am #783 for the surgeon in New Brunswick. Yeah! I don't understand how people have gotten the surgery in Halifax within a year of inquiring about the surgery with their GP. Oh well I guess I'll just have to wait my turn right. It will all work out. I hope.
Please pray for me that I get the surgery ASAP. I need it now

August 24th 2005

Aug 23, 2005

I meet with my GP yesterday for another medical reason and just inquired if they heard anything about the surgery.. He's like oh yeah before you can see the surgeon you have to be approved by PEI health care. (no surprise) In order to be approved you have to meet certain criteria, bmi, proof you've tried to lose weight other ways and must have a pre-existing medical disorder that the surgery will help. (again no surprise.. BUT thought they already submitted this information) He said I meet the first two but my disorder is not listed as one of their pre- existing medical disorders so he's gonna try to do up a little letter about my neuropathy and how the surgery will help it..
Now I told his nurse a month ago that my neuro will do what ever he can to help me and that he said it will help my disorder and my need for medication (which pei health care pays $4000 a month on might I add which the amount is based on how much I weigh.. so the less I weigh.. the less it costs)
Well I told the GP that.. hes like WHAT!!!! oh well if you could get him to put that in writing it will help your case greatly and probably get you approved faster.. I'm like WHAT I could have had that done a month ago!!! holy hell..
So I've learned my lesson.. you have to hold the doctors hands in order to get them to do what you need.. Its odd though cause I've never had to do this before with him. He always took care of everything and within a month I'd be hearing from the other doctors he refered me to.. maybe cause its off island. I dunno but anyway I contacted my neuro hes sending in the paper. It will be sent over by next week. My neuros nurse (btw I love everyone in that office they all rock!) said to call her next monday and make sure it was sent off. Because she didnt want to lose track of it which they sometimes to. things get shuffled to bottom of piles ect. Which is fine I have no problem doing that and I appreciate her asking me to call her back and remind her and make sure everything is a go.
Just super annoyed that the GP's nurse didn't tell him a month ago when I told her that it will help lessen the meds and maybe get me off them.. And that she didnt ask me to get it in writing from the Neuro..

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