So It Has Been 29 Years Since DS

Jul 05, 2024

On 4/20/20

i celebrated my 20th anniversary in April of this year.   The DS is still the greatest thing I have ever done for me.  Now at age 70 I am enjoying grandkids and life.  I would have been dead by now without the surgery  At time of surgery I was close to 500 lbs and headed north  I am certain this surgery saved me!  

If anyone is looking for advice it would be to be diligent in taking your vitamins and getting your protein daily. Get your blood work every 6 months and make immediate changes. And just as important a daily exercise program. All of this has to be a way of your new you. 

I was not deligent in all of these and it showed up.  I had to have 3-4 iron infusions, was in E R for low potassium levels, low protein was causing muscle loss and my calcium levels have caused bone loss.  

I have got all of this straightened out and feeling better than ever.  

if you are considering this surgery do your research, realize the surgery is a small part of the journey, prepare your self mentally and be committed to a lifelong change in diet, vitamin regime, and Dr follow-up. I was blessed with a surgeon that still follows up on me and will review the labs my PCP had ordered  The changes required post surgery is oh so worth it!!  You get your life back!!



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