I am 5'10" and 330 lbs. I barely go anywhere other than to work beacuse walking hurts so much lately.

I have a surgery date for January 18, 2007.I am excited and I am scared.  I am so ready for this change to my life.  I was overweight but healthy.  Now I've been diagnosed as diabetic, my knee and my lower back hurt so much that I can barely walk sometimes.  I quit smoking for my health and for the surgery, before the surgeon could tell me to. 

I started doing research about the lap band surgery in July, went the wrong seminar in August, rescheduled in September, saw the surgeon in September, completed the pyschologist, nutritionist, and nursing seminars by October, and was approved by the insurance company in November.  It seems that I am lucky in terms of the insurance issue, especially after reading so many posts of folks waiting for long periods of time for the insurance issues to clear!  I am definately grateful.

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