March 22, 2007

Mar 22, 2007

Oh's been a while.  Well guys...I am down 31 lbs.  That is probably not as good as it can be.  I keep losing and gaining the same 1 1/2 lbs for the last 10 days.  It's probably because of the fact that for a few days I didn't MEASURE my I probably ate too much.  Then I realized it....starting measuring, and this time I tried to add carbs...(a big NO NO NO). 
So....I have learned my lesson...and I am back on track.  I can't see the 30 pound loss, but everyone else says they can see it in my face and around my neck and shoulders.  I still look the same to me!!  However, I can move now.  My back and rt hip still hurt sometimes, but not nearly as much as before.  I whip in and out of the stores now...(my husband is laughing saying "wait up speedy")...until the back pain starts again, but before I couldn't do it AT ALL.  So I am happy about that!!
I'll be better at posting...
See yall!!!

January 29, 207

Jan 29, 2007

OK I am eating food now!!!  Guys, I had a small meal tonight and I am ecstatic!  I was afraid to eat once I was supposed to move on to the soft/mushy I ate scrambled eggs and tuna salad for 3, am I sick of those two!

I am feeling better, although this weekend I was feeling under the weather and I didn't start to feel better until I started taking my multivitamin and increasing my fluid intake.  I was having trouble getting in the water and/or fluids and eating enough because of the 30min prior and 1hour after rule.  I would forget one and delay the other so I couldn't eat because I just drank water and needed to wait, or I just ate, needed to wait to drink, and I would forget to drink!

I have lost 17 pounds as of 1week post surgery.  I don't know how much I lost on the liver shrinking pre-diet because I didn't have a scale at home that went over 300 lbs(how ludicrous).  I sent my husband out 2 days after surgery to buy a digital glass scale that went up to 400 lbs.
I don't know if this is alot or a little but I am happy about it.

Oh BTW, my meal tonight was 1oz of chicken salad (chopped chicken and light mayo), 1oz overcooked cabbage, and 1oz of sweet potatoe w/ a dash of butter buds on top.  I can only eat carbs during this soft/musy phase.  Boy was it better than scrambled eggs!!!

January 20,2007

Jan 19, 2007

It's 2 days post op!!!!  I made it!!!   oh I sore!!!  I am sitting in the recliner in my bedroom and felt the need to update my page.  I did ok, there was some fullness and pain afterwards, but the morphine took care of that.  I was the first patient of the day, so I was up and out early.  I visited several people that I had met previously, like Iris and Tauwanna....hey guys....and I feel ok now.  

I am having trouble getting in the 4 shakes and 32-64oz of water, but it's early yet, so I'm sure it will get easier as time goes by.  I am walking aroung the 2nd floor of my house, from my bedroom to my daughter's bedroom at the other end of the hall just to move around.

The nurses were GREAT!  Of course they kept coming in to check on different vital signs, and stuff, but I kept hitting the morphine drip button every six minutes or when I woke I didn't care about the nurses waking me up because I just went back to sleep.

I'll continue to update as time moves on.
Yea....I'm on the losing side now......

January 13, 2007

Jan 13, 2007

It's 5 days before THE DAY!  OK guys...I cheated on the liver shrinking diet last week...I had a boiled egg and 1 pc of light toast on Monday AND Tuesday.  OMG...It was the BEST TASTING boiled egg and dry toast I HAVE EVER HAD.  Then I felt REALLY guilty and I haven't cheated since.  I was soooo hungry!!

I finally figured out that I can't eat when I first get up because that leaves me with about 7-8 hours of being up without eating (I usally have a 18 hour day) I drink tea and water when I first get up, then have a pc of fruit later in the am, then I can have the 1st shake for lunch.  I can then have my meal at dinner time and still have a shake in the evening (plus all the jello I can stand).  It seems to work for me.  

Thanks to everyone on the boards (Virginia and January surgeries) for all their suggestions to help with my cold.  The cough and the phlegm are GONE.  WHOHOOOO!!  I was sooo worried that this day that I have been waiting for would be delayed.

BTW...when I went for my pre-op tests, I had gained 10 more pounds...I don't know if it was because I quit smoking (it's been 98 days), or because I knew I was working towards having this surgery, and just ate what I wanted....all willy nilly!!!

January 6, 2007

Jan 06, 2007

OMG!!  It's now 13 days until the surgery..and..I have a cold w/ phlegm in my chest....I'm afraid it's going to delay my surgery!!

I am on day 2 of the pre-op liver shrinking diet....this is so hard....I'll just keep on 1 day at a time.  I have so many worries...what if my period starts and doesn't end before the surgery, what if I don't get rid of this cold in time, how can anyone live on the little bit allowed in the pre-op diet ( pouch will be small)?

I pray....Just give me the strength to get through today and wakeup tomorrow, Lord.

December 23, 2006

Dec 23, 2006

It's now 3 weeks and 5 days to D-DAY!!  I am panicking about exactly what I am supposed to have on hand as far as supplements, vitamins, calcium, protein shakes, etc.

What I have found helpful on other profiles were lists of what to bring to the hospital, food supplies post op, etc.  I am a "list" person, so I need to see the lists and re-read them over and over.  

I just received my protein bullets (I haven't tasted them yet, because I still have 2 weeks left b4 my liver shrinking pre-op diet!!)  I am also excited about a "starter kit" that I just received from

I am reading Susan Maria Leach's Before & After book for inspiration.

I've found that there is a lot of information about the RNY procedure, but since I am having the lap band, I am looking for the nutritional needs for the lap band patients.

My boss has told me she has approved overtime for any of the techs that I work with, so they can work with me during my 6 week "no heavy lifting" phase.  I am so grateful; now my son can stay on campus during the weekends, instead of working for me!!

I seem to have gained weight since I started this journey...about 6 pounds that I cannot afford to gain because I move even slower now.

December 16, 2007

Dec 16, 2006

It's now 4 weeks and 5 days until the surgery.  I am cooking for approx 13 people on Christmas, so I guess that will be my "last supper".  I work on the weekends - 2 (16) hour shifts, and I have scheduled to take off two weekends to recover.  I know that I have been told I won't need them, but I do heavy lifting in my job, and I just thought it would be safer this way.  I am a MRI Tech, and the coils that we use are all more than 25 pounds; my 18 year old son says he will come to work with me for 4 weeks and lift the coils for me until I am cleared.  The coils have to be changed for each patient.  Thank goodness for grateful kids!!

I am trying to prepare my self for the "liver shrinking" diet that is fast approaching...I am ready to do everything necessary to make this journey successful, but I keep looking at my "last" options of food!
I hope I am not the only person who does this...

I seem to looking at January 18 as the beginning of a NEW life for me...I have almost put everything on hold while I grasp the intricacies of my new lifestyle.

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