I went to have a upper GI today and a ultrasound of my gallbladder and liver.  I found out that I have gallstones. I will have to wait for my surgeon to get the report and let me know if he will take them out when he does my WLS.  I really hope so.  I would like to not have to have another surgery.
My surgeon said he would not do gallbladder surgery at same time as RNY surgery.
He said it put my surgery at a higher risk.

My surgery is still on for 8/19/08. I am really getting nervous.

Today is surgery day!!  Surgery went fine!  Dr Steinberg said I did really good losing weight before surgery, said it made his job easier.  Feelin good just stomach is very sore.  Had to walk about 2 hours postop.  Did not have any problems.  They brought in my supper which was chicken broth, lemon jello and Crystal Light.  Took a sip Crystal Light and oh my gosh it felt like it was frying my stomach. It also seemed to make my stomach swell even more. Doctor said some people react differently to different things.  Hospital still brought me the same thing for every meal even though I asked for something different.  I was not very fond of my hospital stay.


I have finally gotten my energy back, feeling good.  Just getting sick protein drinks but still drinking them.  I start soft foods tomorrow!!!  I have lost 23 Lbs since my surgery.

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