Sleepless in Southren NJ - Reflection

Apr 09, 2010

Well here it is, 5:50 A.M.  I have been awake now for over an hour. I hate when this happens. I do realize it could be worse, it could have been many hours or even a full day. So I stopped by to update my page.

Life is very different for me now. I have lost 60 pounds (I am a "light weight"). Now at the young age of 52  I get to be mom to my oldest grandson. This started in November 2009. Family issues dictated this so here I am...My mother used to tell me "Its different with grand children" and yes I see she is correct.

Once a mother, always a mother, wink, LOL.  I find I am not as stressed and up tight over matters as much as I once was. Life lessons are put into play now and serve we well I would like to think.

Not to mention the weight loss has helped tremendously. My health is so much better and so is my energy level. Where I would have balked at walking a few blocks, I don't mind now.  I can do it. I don't get out of breath so fast any more. I can walk for a longer time and distance.  This translates to being able to keep up the pace with a 7 year old grandson. 

When I decided to have my VSG WLS all I wanted to do was lose the weight so I could see my grandson son graduate High School. Never in my wildest dreams did I think God was preparing me for this adventure in mid life parenting. LOL.

Funny how things happen. Even my primary doctor form the Veterans Clinic mentioned this. How my weight loss and God got me ready for this.

To all you new mom's who  could not conceive until recently,  I kind of understand your elation. I love having my grandson with me.  At age 7 they are still spontaneous enough to just shout out from the living room while playing the Play Station...."Nanna I love you"...made my whole day. 

Thank you God for giving Dr. Neff the skills to do this surgery for myself and others.