Mar 27, 2011

7 years have past since I had surgery and its been a long seven years.  I have had my ups and my downs.  I have gained about 30lbs ok who am I kidding 40lbs in the past year and a half....its very hard personally because I do know why it has happened and I know its my own fault.  I am falling into old habits because of some personal things in my life...also..the overwhelming attention of men was great...but also made me make choices that were like my old me...someone desperate and needy who couldnt say no.  I think I am trying to hide behind my weight again to run from my own lack of self confidence.  I will lose these 40lbs..I will feel beautiful again...but I will also know that I do not have to let someone else control my feelings about myself.  I hope everyone out there is living a healthier life thru surgery, but I also hope you are all loving the person you are underneath the layers that you have finally escaped from.  

Living a thin life...

Apr 13, 2009

Hi...I am going to try and blog regurarly to help myself and anyone else who may be going thru a life of morbid obesity and struggling with how to live and be healthy.  I can tell you now that I am no longer morbidly obese...there is a difference in living life as a thin person.  I will try to explain the differences as I explore this and write more often.  I only hope that I am able to make a difference in someones life who is struggling with this the way I have and if you are now living a thin life yourself...please share with me your experiences because changing our bodies is one thing changing our minds is another!!

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