I am 36 y/o male who is currently looking to have the WLS surgery. I have an appointment to meet with my Doctor on Jan 17th 2006.
I have fought with weight all of my life. I have always been heavy and at times I have even contributed my existence to being heavy. I crashed my motorcycle in 1992 and almost died. I broke 7 ribs in 10 places, punctured my lung and broke my right wrist. I have said that if I was not so heavy I would not be alive.
After my crash I moved back home and met my wonderful wife who is also contemplating WLS. We havce three beautiful Children Robert 12, Kayla-Lyn 8, & Malea 5. They are the reason that I want this WLS. I can not keep up with them and since I have had a job for the last 6 years where I sit all day it is getting harder and harder to keep up. I have been my sons little league coach and while I try to be active I am getting worse. I get out of breath easy and sore after exeration.
All of this leads up to me wanting this WLS not only for myself but for my family. Well I will let everyone know more later.

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