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Feb 10, 2011

Hey All,

I have had a rough times these last few years. My wife had our son Colby on 4/8/08 then in March of 2009 I had enough and had to move out of my house leaving my father in the house with my wife and kids.
Life became very hetic. My kids started to hate me which I understood, the problem was that I was hating myself and blaming myself for their hurt. I am finally starting to get over that issue, took me long enough.
I now live with my Girl Friend and Love Marianne. She has helped me though some rough times and understands about Gastric Bypass, she had it 15 years ago.
I am now thinking about having a revision since I have gained about 40 lbs, I am starving a few hours after I eat and I just made an appointment to see a Dr next wednesday the 16th who specialises in revisions. I also need to see about getting this hanging skin off of me. It is really starting to cause some major issues, sores and such along with mental issues dealing with it.
I am going to end this here for now but hope to try and log on more and get active again, its what I need to stay healthy.


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