Barbara B. 15 years ago

All the best for a speedy recovery ! Barbara Bietz

Kirk Thompson 15 years ago

Hey Ken its me Kirk, I have been saying many prayers for you since we talked in California and I'm really happy for you. Congrats and best of luck with your journey. Give it 6 months you will be lean and feeling amazing and styling in some new suits :-)

MonicaG 15 years ago

Ken, Hope all is going well. I just got out of the hospital and thought the policy was only one OH staff in the hospital at a time - You are in my thoughts and prayers. Heal fast--- Monica

niloo 15 years ago

Godspeed on your recovery!

Archie 15 years ago

"How you do-in" Pal.

Ronda E. 15 years ago

Wishing you a speedy recovery. Ronda

Bruce B. 15 years ago

Hi Ken! I always knew you had it in ya! Get well soon! :)

Kricket 15 years ago

Ken! Congratulations! Heal quickly! Love ya!

J R 15 years ago

Ken, you da man! Get better quick :-)

Sherri O. 15 years ago

Mr. are in SOOOO much trouble with me :-) You'd better get well soon so I can kick your hiney for not telling me. Lots of love, hugs and PINCHES to you. :-)
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