Bariatric Advantage

"I buy from Dr Enoch office, it does give me a peace of mind that im taking everything i need in the 4 tablets i take daily."

Paul E. Enochs

"Dr Enochs is great, great listener,cares about his patients. His staff are very nice. Jana is Great!! Awesome also! - you can tell she is sincere in her happiness for you and the journey you are on. Angelica is Awesome- knows her insurance requirements and is on top of things. They do keep you informed on what to do for aftercare, they also sell the bariatric vitamins which is a plus and if you have question to call them,but sometimes hard to get a hold of someone ,but its a busy office- Dr Enochs addressed the risks of the surgery but i have met many patients and have gone to his support meetings and everything i heard is positive, also the risk for me of staying the weight i was , was going to be worse for me and not let me live quality of life- he has years of experience. His bedside manner is good and Surgical Competence exceeds others in my opinion. This is my personal expression of what i experienced. "
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