Jan 07, 2011

January 7, 2011

I am an alcoholic
- I was fooling myself to think I could control it.
I am on day 102 of sobriety, and am finding it easier now to concentrate on my health and nutrition now that I got that monkey off my back.

There is a lot of theory out there and research to that effect that having gastric bypass surgery can 're-wire' people's systems enough so that they more quickly become alcoholics. We don't have the digestive enzymes to break down the alcohol as effectively anymore - much like the studies that were done that show native Canadians or Americans don't have - and I don't know about south of the border, but alcoholism is RAMPANT in the native population up here.

I have also recently found out I was using alcohol to regulate my insulin and blood sugars - I am Hypoglycemic. And, I had a previous addiction to nicotine in the past. Getting surgery was - for me - a guarantee that I would develop alcoholism. It was just a matter of time, and unfortunately I took that first drink 3 months out.

Alcoholism is a progressive disease, and gastric bypass puts it into warp speed.

My advice would be to NEVER *NEVER* pick up a drink after surgery. Ever. And if it's too late and you already have, never take another. And if you even THINK you're drinking a 'little too much' stop NOW. You could be one drink away from that slippery slope of alcoholism. I am just glad I stopped before I hit rock bottom. Because with our new system post-surgery, rock bottom could be 6 feet under.

Please take this to heart.

I wish the medical community could really start warning people what could happen regarding alcohol. Simply asking someone if they drank a lot prior to surgery isn't enough. We can lie, or you can tell the truth like I did: "I am a once in a while party binger, or a few drinks with company and nothing for weeks/MONTHS after". But nonetheless, 3 years post-surgery I was a full-blown alcoholic.

Good luck to all of you.


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