I've been overweight since i had my oldest daughter and I can't take it anymore. I want to be able to do things with my kids that i never been able to do before. I started doing research about WLS for about 5 yrs already . Tried to loose weight like many of other people but unable to keep it off .

My journey started in the last week of October when my friend told me about the surgeon ( she's going thru the same thing). I called the office and they gave me my first appt for November 12,2007 to see the surgeon and talk about the gastric bypass surgery. After they gave me the appt I called another office for the psych evaluation. She gave me the appt for November 7.

I went to all the appts and the support meetings made appts with the nutritionist . I'm almost done with the nutritionist appts my last requiered one is next month Feb 4, 2008.I called the office on friday and they told me that they're going to send my papers to the insurance to get the approval for the surgery and after they get it  they're going to call me with the surgery date.

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