I am 29 years old and mother of 3 children.  I have been battling the buldge for over 10 years.  I have tried all the diets and have lost lots of money and little weight.  I have done extensive research and feel really good about this decions.  Only time will prove me right.

1/11/02  i went and had my visit with Dr. Hamad.  I do qualify for the surgery.  Dr. Hamad has given me a prescription sheet of all the test i need to have.

2/07/02  i have completed 4 of the 8 appointments that I have made.  I have 2 on 19th, 1 on the 20, and 1 on the 22nd of this month.  After I have finished with preliminary testing I have to visit Dr. Hamad for a surgery date and then they will also summit a letter to the insurance carrier.  She told me that they have 30 days to do the surgery after I have seen my primary care physican for clearance.  My appointment with her is 2/22. 

2/20/02  i had my appointment with the cardiologist, psychiatrist, and gynecologist.  The gynecologist wants me to get a sonogram to check for fibroids since I have heavy bleeding during menostration.  Friday I go to see my PCP for lab work and clearance for surgery. Tuesday is the sonogram after that I make the appointment with the surgeon to get a surgery date and submit my information to the insurance.

2/23/02  well i had my appointment with my PCP yesterday.  It went really well.  I told her that I joined weight watchers like she told me to last year and as always for the second time around it didn't work.  She went over my medical history with me and gave me the okay for the surgery.  So now monday I have to call the surgeons office and tell them all my test are done, make an appointment to get my surgery date.  While at the Psych visit she asked me if I thought about what its going to be like to be thin, and actually i have only thought of the benefits (SHOPPING) my biggest fear is not having control and loosing so much weight that I look sickly.  I want to be and look healthy.  Well will see.  Until next time, bye bye for now.

2/27/02  i have finished all my appointments.  I called the surgeons office and there were only 2 doctor's offices that did not fax my stuff one the Cardiologist, who I spoke to and they said they will fax it friday and the Gynecologist in which they said would be 2 weeks for my pap smear results to come back.  So i will call the office again on 3-8 to find out if that was done.  On a sad note we lost my grandmother last night.  She was battling cancer.  She had been in alot of pain, now is with God and I know she will never feel pain again and she is up with with my Pap-pap.  Later for now.

3/5/02  well i just got off the phone with the surgeon's office and I am scheduled to have my surgery on Friday, March 22nd.  I am kind of getting nervous, anxious, and excited all at once (causing me to be very lightheaded).  They told me they were faxing my stuff to the insurance company so I hope it will be approved.  I have seen people get approvals as soon as the same day and as far as more than a month.  Well I followed all the rules and got all the proper authorization so hopefully there is no delay.  2 weeks aways thats will come in a blink of an eye.  Until next time.

3/7/02  well i hit a little snag or what i hope is a little snag.  The insurance company had a notice regarding weight in 1999 they needed somthing for the last year.  which i did go to the doctor feb 2001 and we discussed diet, medication, exersice she recommend a 1500 calorie diet and weight watchers.  So i called the pcp office and had them fax over my chart.  The surgeon assistant said that they faxed the wrong info so i ask Barb at the PCP office to fax it to me and I will fax it to them print out a receipt call them and ask them is that good enough and did they get it.  All this will hopefully happen this afternoon.  I would hate for this to be the only reason for a big fat no from the insurance co. we shall see

3/9/02  well still now word yet.  the surgeons office faxed over the information.  I called the office on friday to see if the information was good enough, no answer so i had to leave a message.  Hopefully I will know something by tomorrow seeing as though I has two appointments scheduled by friday.  Now that it is so near the waiting time is unbearable.  well hopefull something good to update tomorrow.  Wish me luck!

3/12/02  I received my phone call this morning from the surgeons office that I have been approved.  I was elated, I cried, thanked GOD for his approval and called my husband and my cousin to tell them.  My last day of work will be 3/19, pre op visit the 20th, and surgery on 3/22 and I will be a POST - OP.  Love typing and saying those words.  I have tons of work for work so i will probably have to stay late clear everything off my desk finished and completed.  Try and find back ups on a couple of small office things and be good to go.  Update Later.

3/14/02  I went to my first support group meeting last night.  It was very good, alot of helpful information from post-ops that were there.  Surgery is only a week away and if feels like months.  Very excited and at the sametime impatient which is really unlike me.  I have to go and get all my viatmins for after the surgery, I really wished I would have started them before.  Well until next time after my Dr. appointment on the 20th I wish u all well.

3/16/02 Well I went to see the surgeons assistant to watch the video.  It was very informational.  I had to sign all the consent froms, see the nurse, see the anesthesiologist.  Got my prescripton and direction to clean me out starting wednesday.  So my last meal is on tuesday before midnight.  After that clear liquids will become my best friend.  I am excited as wells as scared or maybe the better word is concerned.  But I know God has my back and he has already blessed me with an approval from my insurance company and ok health from all the test and doctor's I had to see.  Next doctor appointment is with the surgeon on the 20th have to get my script for the pain medication.  Until then I will say a prayer for all of us.

3-20-02.  Well today i did my bowel prep and it has not been as bad as i thought after the first inital 1 1/2 oz. and keeping it down.  TOday i have had ginger ale, water, and jello.  Tomorrow I do my antibiotics and i will also find out what time I need to be at the hospital on friday.  2 short days away from being on the other side.  I want to thank those of you that have emailed me for your support.  I want to wish all of you well on your upcoming surgeries.  My next update I will be on the other side until next time God Bless!

4/3/02  Today I am two weeks post op.  I have lost 20 lbs.  I went today to have my drain out and it felt weird and hurted a little.  I am able to advance to the Pureed Foods and I have another appointment in two weeks.  I go back to work on 4-9-02 and I am anxious.  I am not the sit around the house type and my husbands keeps telling me to sit down and rest.  Everything looks good so I am relieved about that.  I will update after my next visit on 4-18-02.

4/10/02  I will be 3 weeks post op this friday.  I went back to work yesterday and it was a long day.  I was so tired when I go home.  I was also constipated, I had just realized I hadn't moved by bowels in over a week.  The doctor told me to get Milk of Magnesia and it worked I have been going all morning.  That was a relief.  I have a support groupt meeting tonight so  it will be interesting.  I weighed myself yesterday and I was down to 238 but I won't weigh again until my doctor appointment.  Found out I can't eat boiled eggs and i love mashed potatoes.  Until next time God Bless of you that are getting ready for surgery, those who have had the surgery, and those trying to get the surgery.

4/18/02  I went to the docotor's yesterday and I have lost a total of (drumroll please)  24lbs.  Excellent for me because I have never even been able to loose 10lbs.  So I was exstatic.  I was also put up to phase 3 (eating soft foods) and will be on that until my next appointment in June.  They did tell me I need to get an iron supplement so I will do that today at lunch and to start on protein drinks so now I have to find one thats good and hopefully not so costly.  Things at work are going good with the exception of everybody looking at me like I am a science project and asking me everyday the same three questions. (1) how am I. (2) what am i eating now. (3) how much weight have i lost.  I don't mind answering their questions but it gets to be a bit much when its everyday.  Well since my doctor appointment is 2 months away I will try and weigh every two weeks and give an update so until then God Bless!

4/29/02  I have eaten out a few times and have just ordered of the appetizers menu or eating off my husbands plate.  Its funny he use to complain because I would eat my food then want to taste his now I eat off his just so I don't pay for a dish that i can only eat 4 oz. of it.  I believe I have lost a total of 30lbs. now.  I am still searching for a protein supplement that goes down good.  I have samples coming to try and find a decent one.  I am suffering from hemorrhoids and consitpation.  I have the consipation thing underwrap but I will be glad when the hemorrhoids leave too.  Well God Bless WLS and those thinking this might be for you.  Make sure you do enough research to where your comfortable and all your questions have been answered.  Until next time.  :)

5/15/02  I feel so bad for not updating this.  I am on this website literally everyday.  Well this past weekend I bought my first pair of jeans in a size 20.  YES!!! I was in tears in that dressing room.  I weigh myself every Monday and this monday I weighed in at 219.  I haven't been down this low in years like 9 years infact.  I am working out everyday, taking my vitamins, and protein shakes every day.  I am hoping to build that muscle as i go and tighten skin as i go.  From what I read on this site the tummy tucks are worse than the bypass surgery.  I am trying to really reduce the amount of surgeries i have to go through.  I am not trying to look like a model so all that stuff isn't important and if i don't have a flat stomach it won't matter I am not one for showing off my body anyway.  I have come to realize that I need to buy new underwear.  The bras aren't too bad because I was wearing too small anyway now I fit them just right.  I see the doctor in June for the office weight loss amount.  I will try and update more.   Until next time  :)

6/19/02  I just came back from my 3 month appointment.  It went very well and the Dr was very pleased and happy for me.  I tried to thank her but she said no thanks needed and that I was doing all the work.  She did tell me to layoff the milk.  I was drinking 2 16oz. glasses a day which came out to 400 calories.  So now I can drink 1 8 oz. glass then find my protein other ways.  She told me to make sure I eat my veggies so I went out and bought some.  I am offically 50 lbs. lighter.  I feel like I am walking on clouds.  My next appointment is in September, but I will be sure to try and update once a month.  Until next time :)

7/23/02  Now this is truly shameful.  I can't believe how easy it is to come to this site everyday read all day on the message board and not do an update to my profile.  Well nothing really has happened.  I now weigh in at 200 lbs.  so I am truly estatic about that.  I am in a size 18.  I have started my protien drinks with 6 oz. of fat free milk.  I am trying to do 2 of them but so far its just been on which is 37 grams of protein, yogurt which is 10 and then the meat I eat at lunch so I figure I am probably getting atleast 50 - 60 grams of protein.  I am also trying to increase my work out routine to two hours a day.  One hour during lunch and one hour at home when it cools down.  I went out a couple of fridays ago and to my surprise I had someone try and talk to me, gave me his business card and all.  So I have started grabbing attention.  I try to not let it go to my head though.  Well thats all for now. Until next time God Bless :)

8/5/02  Well I am now in a size 14/16 and feeling good.  Its funny my husband told me he can now feel bones where he couldn't before.  It feels really gross to but I am not complaining.  My legs are getting smaller I am just having a problem getting that tire around my waist to get smaller.  I dont know what more to do.  If i didn't have that I would probably be in a 12.  The 14 are extremly loose on my legs but tight on the mid section.  Oh well one day that soon to will be gone.  Sorry for the short post.  Thats all for now.  Until next time God Bless :)

8/22/02  Well not that much has changed.  I am still 190.  And it still feels good to slip on a pair of 14/16 pants.  There is one new thing for the first time in 11 years me and my husband could take a bath together.  Sorry if to much information but this was a goal I never even thought of.  I am wondering what I need to do with calories and carbs.  I uped my calories and I gain 4 pound I lowered my calories and I lost 6 lbs.  So I am really not sure on what to do.  I have asked a number of people long term and have discovered alot of them don't count anymore.    I still feel good and I love looking at myself in the mirror I love to see that healthy person looking back.  If this is read and if you do have any ideas on how many calories should be eaten at 5 months please let me know.  God Bless  :)

9/30/02  Sorry for not updating sooner.  I had my 6 month post op appointment.  The doctor told me i am right on schedule.  I am weighing in at 179 - 180.  That is a total of 80 lbs. gone.  I am very pleased.  The doctor also told me her goal for my loss it 150 and my goal is 160.  I like mine better.  I have 20 more to loose and if I get to 150 thats an extra bonus.  i am still religously working out and watching what I put in my mouth.  I have sent pic to be loaded.  i don't know if they will appear on my profile or just in the before and after.  Its funny, my husband is into music production and has never wanted me to be around or travel to his shows but suprisingly he asked me to go to Detroit with him this weekend.  i was elated and mad at the same time but I can understand because when he was wearing braids in his hair I surely didn't want him to come to my company xmas party looking like a thug.  So the anger has went away.  I was also put on celexa for mood swing, severe mood swing and it has helped.  I know longer get the rages where I am getting hot and want to scream.  I bet my husband is happy about that.  God Bless and I will try and update on a regular basis.  Until Next time :)

10/23/02  I just got an email from the surgeon's office that all my 6 month labs came back fine.  Thats a big relief.  I know that I am doing all the right things.  Puts my mind at ease big time.  Starting to get rashes again on my bellybutton and on my bikini line.  I did mentioned it to my PCP at my visit last week.  Just to start a history of having problems.  Hopefully it will aid in getting a panniculectomy.  I am hoping that me being 30 my skin still has some elasticity and I won't need a tt.  But only time will tell.  God Bless.  Until next time  :)

11/5/02  Well not really to much to update.  I was on a platuea and then I got my menustration (sorry to the guy that reads this) and I lost 2 lbs.  That always seems to break the platueas.  My hair is still falling out but I can tell I had new growth so maybe it is on its way of stopping the excess falling out.  I am in a 11/12 now and 8 lbs from my goal of 160 and 12 from the doctors of 150.  I have been trying to keep a positive attitude with my tire around my waste but it doesn't look to good.  I will still give it some time though.  God Bless. Until next time which will probably be 11-19 after my 9 month check up.

12/19/02  I had my 9 month follow up visit yesterday and have found out that my scale at work is right on the money.  I was very proud because that means I am a mere 4 lbs away from my goal.  I have lost 17lbs since my 6 month check up in September.  Both me and my doctor are happy with my progress.  So that means if I loose another 10 to 17 lbs I would have surpassed my goal and would be to my doctors goal of 150 and that is the least I want to get down to.  I am so happy that my new years resolution this year is to enjoy life, no diet, no crying of what I have eaten, no guilt trips.  Finally!  I thank God for giving me a talented and caring doctor and for allowing to maintain a healthy well being.  Without him I would still be at 260 and deeply depressed.  God Bless everyone on their journey to a healthy happy life.

1/6/03  Happy New Years.  I forgot to update last week.  I weighed 163 and today I weighed in at 158 1/2.  So I finally have made it to the Century Club.  Hurray for me.  I am wearing a size 8 skirt and 10 in dress pants and 12 in jeans.  Shirt are medium to large, which makes my chest look huge.  I havent had anymore stomach pains so I am knocking on wood that the provocid (sp?) did it. 

3-7-03  Oh while I did not realize it had been so long.  I am sorry I have not updated my profile.  Well as of today I weigh in at 153 and in a size 8/9.  I love it.  Still not have stomach pains but I think that can be assoicated with have separated from my husband.  One thing they have right that if your marriage is already in trouble its a almost a guarantee it will be over.  I gained alot of self esteem which help me to put my foot down on how I deserved to be treated and what I expected out of my marriage.  Its been hard but it will get easier (I hope).  The kids are doing okay.  We are still friends and trying to make it was easy as possible as not to totally disrupt their lives.  We talked to them and they understood.  It amazing that we adults try and hide things from our kids, but kids hear and pick up on everything.  Well enough of that.  i wanted to wish everyone luck and speedy recoveries and quick and positive responses from insurance companys.  Until next time God Bless  :)

8/6/03 I need a slap on the hand for not updating this.  I read this web page so often.  Well I filed for divorce not final yet but in the process.  I have also found someone very special who makes sure I take my vitamins.  He is very against the surgery but he does not say much about it.  He is worried that I don't eat enough.  We are talking about marriage and me reversing my tubal to have a baby, but its just talk.  I have gained 7 lbs since I last updated my profile and fighting like hell to loose them.  The carb monster keeps me on my toes.  I have started back up my protien shakes and working out.  Hopefully I can drop them by christmas.  I figure that goal is far enough and give me time to do this. I try so hard not to go above 160, I start freaking after that.  I am still in the same clothes but I can tell that I put weight back on.  I am trying to drink my water and keep the protein up and the carbs down but it seems like I am hungry every 1/2 to 1 hour.  I try to just drink hot tea to quiet my stomach until the next meal time.  I also try and start out with protein then I am not as hungry.  Well if anyone out there has any idea please email me at [email protected].  I see my doctor in September.  I will try not to wait another 5 months to update.  Until next time God Bless  :)

8/26/03  Everything is still pretty much the same.  I went to a support group meeting and they gave me an old weight watcher's tip for feeling hunger.  Drink 8 oz. of water wait 20 minutes if the hunger goes away it was head hunger if your still hungry then your really hungry.  So I have started this at work and lets just say I get in all of my water and more.  No I have to do this at home.  But by the time I get home I am tired of water.  But hopefully I will get this down again and start loosing again.  God Bless :)

9/18/03  Well I went to my 18 month appoinment yesterday and I offically have gaines 7 lbs.  That knocks total weight loss to 96 lbs.  I told the doctor that I went back to the basic.  Cottage Cheese, Protein Supplements, Salads, and as little carbs as possible.  And I change my workout regimen to three days cardio and 2 days weight training.  She assured me if I stayed on my path that I should definitely be able to loose it.  But I have to go back in three months.  So I will keep at it and hopefully loose some of that 7 by then.  She will also give me a referral for a plastic surgeon at my next appointment.  I told her about the rashes and they looked at them and documented them for me so that is good.  Hopefully be able to have that early next year.  So by summer the swelling will be down.  Until next time God Bless  :)

2-24-04  Well I need a smack on the hand for not updating.  I still come and visit everyday and read up on everyone I just haven't posted any updates.  My father passed away in December, I went to see the plastic surgeon in january, received my first denial in february.  And I am still trying to loose 5 lbs that just dont seem to want to come off no matter what.  But I wont let them when.  Its scary now, its seems like I can eat a whole lot more.  I get nervous because I can finish a whole smart one and I am still a little hungry afterwards so I eat a little cottage cheese or a little garden salad to make up the room.  I have a handle on snacking at work but when i get home and I cant get to sleep I am not as successful.

3-8-04 Well I am still concentrating on loosing those last 7 of the 10 lbs. I gained.  I have been really planning out what I eat for the day.  I log on to fitday and put everything I am going to eat from breakfast to dinner and try to stick with just that and not sway from it.  I include my snacks and everything.  It seems to be helping a little bit.  i have to step up on the exercise now thats hard  We have a fitness room here at work and I would usually use that at lunch but lately I have had to visit my kids school to keep my youngest son on the straight and narrow.  By the time I get home I am tired and dont want to walk on the treadmill but I am going to have to make the effort if I want to loose more and keep it stable.  I have not yet called the plastic surgeons office I am so scared of what they may say.  I just dont want to hear those words again.  I will let him do his battle and wait for the letter in the mail.  Remember drink drink drink, eat plenty of protein and stay away from those mean old carbs.  God Bless.

6-21-04  WOW I have not updated this in so long and so much has happened.  The guy I met in August turned out to be just as bad as my ex-husband.  He lied about so many things I dont know what it truth and what wasnt.  I felt like my heart was ripped out of my chest again.  I hate the going out thing. I am not going out as much anymore I feel like I am being prayed upon and I hate it.  He got mad because I told him we needed to slow down.  My marriage wasnt final and he had me married and pregnant.  I started seeing all kinds of shit from him after that.  He became very negative and argumentative all the time.  He didnt want me to go out with my friends at all.  So he is gone.  In late march I lost my job.  That was devastating.  I am currently getting by okay but I need a job I hate sitting home all day.  I feel so unproductive.  I have lost the weight I gained and I am back down to 155 I am happy about that.  Wait I am lying I am elated about that.  I have also met somebody new.  He has all the things I have been praying for god to send me.  But taking things slow.  The hardest I am trying to over do it.  But that motherly wifey thing I have kicks right in and I start doing everything.  He has custody of his son, he does a great job and he doesnt need my help but I know how it is to do it all yourself and I try and help out without overstepping my boundaries.  But of this doesnt work out I am hanging up the dating shoes until the kids are gone out of the house or atleast to they get older.  Its too hard  to meet someone honest and respectful and dont hide things or leave things out.  But enough for now I will update again soon.  God Bless.  Good Luck and Congrats to you all.

Well its been way too long since visiting and updating my progress.  So here we go, I will make it short.  I reached 143 March of 2005 and since then I have gained to 157.  I don't know if that is related to me meeting someone and dating or I lost that much because I had lost my job and was going through a sticky divorce and trying to find a new job.  So now I am battling once more to reach 150 and maintain.  My daughter who is 12 went to the doctors for a routine visit and the doctor said she is overweight.  She is 155 and she is about 5'2.  So my plan is to include her in my journey so she doesn't feel alone.  We will now become a team and hopefully that we bring create a stronger mother daughter bond.  If anyone has any ideas please email and share.  God Bless.

I am so sorry I have not updated my profile.  I just got my sign on and password information forwarded to me.

I have been on her constantly on the BAF message boards.  For the updated.  I am scheduled for my TT on friday March 17th.  That is almost the exact date of my 4 year anniversary of March 20th.  I am using Dr. Peter Rubin.  He has spoken at the support groups a few times so I have seen all of this work.  He is a very experienced doctor.  My insurance is going to cover my procedure which I am so over joyed, no out of pocket expenses unless I want to add additional surgeries, but not really insterested in that.  My eating habits have definitely changed.  I can eat a lot more and I need to work on being more conscious of my amounts.  I do alot of protein shake about 3 to 4 a day, I eat alot of tuna.  I still really cannot digest alot of meat, they just sit in my stomach and put me through alot of pain.  I am definitely a carbs attack and need to get control of that.  One thing that helps me is reading the struggles of others and looking at the before and after pictures. I want to wish all the newbies post op and pre op alot of success and happy anniversaries to all coming up.

God Bless.

9/22/06  I need a swift kick in the azz for not updating this.  WOW since my last update I have had a panniculectomy and I am very, extremly happy with it.  I still remain to try and keep focus on eating habits and exercise.  This far out things are definitely harder.  My weight ranges from 143 - 150 on any given day.  I was wearing a 13/14 now I am wearing a 8/10.  My clothes go from being extremly big to being tight.  I want to wish all the newbies post op and pre op alot of success and happy anniversaries to all coming up.

God Bless

No wonder I have gain the weight back I havent been keeping my journal updated.  I am now 7 years post op and weighing in at 185-190.  I hope that now I am back in touch with this website that the family, friends, and wealth of information can help me get back my focus. 

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