David Suh

"My first encounter with Dr. Suh was at his Seminar at the Rancho Springs Medical Center. He was very punctual, well dressed and presented himself very well. rnrnHe spoke in language everyone could understand and didn't make it seem too difficult. rnrnHad my consult 7/16/07 and after much anticipation it was exactly what I expected. I was not too thrilled with the office staff that was on duty (Except for Nita.. she was very nice.) I had scheduled the appointment weeks ago for 10:30am and got there about 9:45am (since I was coming from over 1 hour away I wanted to make sure I was there on time) the snooty front office clerk demanded I did not have an appointment as Dr. Suh wouldn't be in till later that afternoon. Lo' and behold my appointment was rescheduled without my knowledge to 11am. No big deal, I waited this long I can wait a little longer. Mo, on the other hand, is an absolute sweet heart!! Called her on her cell phone for directions and we laughed about how mapquest messed me up. rnrnDr. Suh was very professional, straight-forward, and made things go very fast. He explained the procedure and how it works (which I already knew.) He made it very clear that GBS is only a TOOL and the operator of the TOOL has the means to make or break it. rnrnOf course, he explained all the risks involved and went over my case in detail. rnrnI am very impressed and would recommend Dr. Suh to anyone!! "

Rob Solomon

"Dr. Solomon was a great experience. I was very nervous about the psych eval and he made it go very smooth. My grandfather had just passed away on 7/1/07 so it's been a tough month. He really listened and made everything easy for me to understand. I would recommend Dr. Solomon for any bariatric patient. "
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