Virginia Weaver

"Dr. Weaver has been great - she has given me so much encouragement and support. I have heard horror stories of other bariatric doctors in my town. Thank God I was referred to her in the first place. I have nothing but praises for her. She will answer all your questions and recommend what she thinks is best for your care. All we have to do is follow the plan we've been given with our new tools. "

Saint Francis

"St. Francis was ok but it depended on the Nurses on the shift. I was there for 3 shifts. The night nurse was much more concerned than the day nurse. The day nurse never suggested that I get up and walk around. I felt that she had no clue as the care required for my type of surgery. My IV blew (it was in the under side of my wrist) and my arm swelled - I pushed the Nurse Call button and the girl that answered gave my nurse the wrong room number. My mom had to go down to the nurse's station to find her. I also had a problem with the morphine pain pump. I stopped using it because the Morphine was making me blood pressure drop to 90/50 and I was filling so bad. I just felt like I was some what of a nuisance to the hospital not a patient they were truely concerned about. I hope that I just got unlucky and most patients aren't ignored. "
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