5 Month Update

Dec 27, 2008

Hey everybody! Well, life is just a chuggin along for me. I'm very happy with my surgery and will do it again in a heartbeat as long as I have the same surgeon and staff. I couldn't have asked for a better surgeon and staff even if I wanted to. I adore Vanderbilt.

I've lost a total of 171 pounds with 46 to go before I hit 180 pounds, being serious I'm going to go well below my dietician's lower goal, I can see that. I'm already at 226 pounds and only 5 months out, wow wonder what a whole year will bring me.

Since being gone to study I have had some doozie of days, some good, some bad but the good have outweighed the bad and then there is the one bad thing that just sticks in my head and plays itself over and over again like a scratched CD.

I will say this, everyone that says they serve God may just be talking and not serving Him to their fullest, even though they may claim to be holier than thou.

I have an ex-pastor now because of what his wife did to me in the public eye. We just happened to show up at the same place to pay a bill and I sometimes wear a before picture pin of myself, it's a great conversation starter and I get a lot of questions asked as well as compliments and those "it's so hard to believe" lines and the "you look so good" lines that make you proud of all the hard work you've done, well not from her. She tried to belittle me in the front of a lot of people and it actually backfired on her and that in turn made her even angrier.  She came in the building and just started to fussing, telling the ladies to look at me wearing that picture of myself. She even had the audacity to say that I didn't "look" that big to her, that was to her, the scales and my health were not lying. Before she was able to walk out the door good the owner of the business looked me in the eye and told me that 2 years prior she herself had the Lap-Band. I about died, so did the preacher's wife. She grabbed the door handle, turned and looked at us all and said that she thanked God for her weight and she was going to die with it. How funny this woman weighs less than 200 pounds and as long as I can remember seeing her I've always known her to be very small. GET OVER YOURSELF ALREADY, LADY.
Here's the other killer that came out of her mouth, she told my mother that I would have this surgery, find a boyfriend, get married and leave......well, if God means for it to happen then so shall it be.

God knows why He allowed me to go thru this surgery to live a longer life. I'm not going to question that and neither should she but instead she should be greatful that I am now able to live a healthier, happier, longer life. Well, she's not, in fact before having my surgery she told me not to have it done because the surgery kills people. Woman........where is your faith? To me she was letting God down in my face. I had more faith than she did and probably still do.
I had always heard that the worst hurt was from a "christian" I experienced a lot of hurt and pain when I was super morbidly obese from this same congregation. Hey, the pastor himself told me once when I got sick and couldn't eat that it was good that I couldn't eat.

God took this little, fat ducking that was made so much fun of and plucked the feathers and now He is revealing a beautiful swan and they can't stand it, these people actually wanted failure. How hypocritical of them.

It's all good though, because one of the women that heard this so called preacher's wife putting me down about wearing my before picture, went to her church that same week and pleaded my case before God for me.  I think I'll visit this church for a change, the more I think about the congregation at the little church on East Cedar Street here in Shelbyville Tennessee  the less appealing they are to me. I'm especially thinking about how they used to make fun of fat lil old me and then play church. WHAT A REAL TURN OFF.

On the lighter side of life I AM trying to work things out with a special friend but I know for a fact that I'm just not fit to be tied, not yet. But........I do enjoy his phone calls and conversation and all of the sweet things he does, like giving me roses on my birthday and a card. And, that was our first meeting but he is a sweetheart, perhaps after I get over this selfish streak..I don't know. He calls me skinny............LOL

In the educational department I am taking a little time off in between changing courses. I found out early that being a secretary is really not my cup of tea, so I am going to stay in the legal area but aim for a diploma/ Associate's degree in Justice Administration.

I will go for now and by the way I have posted another photo, it's a side by side before and after.



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