Jul 02, 2009

Hello again OH family. I thought I'd drop a line or two to let you all know that I know I promised a new photo but between going back and forth to the doctor and physical therapy and trying to get ready for a yard sale it's quite hectic for me, not to mention that we will also be selling baked goods which is a fun activity for my family. We have done that several years but didn't get to do it last year because I had my surgery so this year is it and I might add that it's going to be spectacular becuase I am adding some craft items that I personally did myself. I have taken an interest in decoupage boxes becuase my imagination runs wild and then again you know what you create is only limited by your imagination. I am also going to take some photos of those but if they don't sell at the yard sale I will be putting them online for sale.

My PCP told me that I was an amazing individual when it came to this surgery but she is trying to limit me to walking just one mile a day due to the possibility of fibromyalgia and I can't seem to get that idea in my head because my lifestyle is now dedicated to being more healthy. I honestly think it's time to go see Ms. Karen Starr and sit there and tell her that I'm between a rock and a hard place and don't want to feel as though I'm sacrificiing my new, permanent lifestyle for this crappy syndrome and perhaps she can help me psychologically work through this problem. Speaking of my new lifestyle, I had an episode of hypoglycemia Tuesday morning.....56 was the magic number, until I ate a SB snack bar with a tablespoon of peanut butter on it and then it came back up to 80, all in all besides feeling tired, cranky, and achey most if not all of the time I'm doing great. My hair has also grown back out. It broke off in the third month becuase I was so dry and couldn't eat any fat at all not even reduced fat items, bow I can eat at least reduced fat cheese so I do eat it on ocassion to get the fat in, I'll also eat a table spoon of peanuts or peanut butter sometimes not often though.sometimes I eat just a half tablespoon of peanut butter as well as eating boiled eggs. I was told yesterday that my hair looked like a wig.....LOL but that's nothing new I had always been told that I guess because it's so full and I have so much of it but it looks better now than it ever has in the past to me.

I will also get those new photos taken and posted, it's a promise but I need to slow down first. I'm also going to be able to take some time from school, my PCP agreed yesterday to write the letter for a medical leave of absence, THANK GOD! I may then be able to get caught back up in life and be ready to try it again in 60 days. I will go for now, it's almost time for me to head out the door to therapy.

P.S. Hey this vanilla and chocolate Torani syrup makes a good cup of coffee......LOL



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