William Richards

"Oh he is so sweet and caring, I know that because when I asked something he wanted to know why I wanted to know what I had asked. I believe that Dr. Richards knew I was ready for this he did ask me if I knew the risks of surgery and was constantly asking me if I had any questions but couldn't really think of any for him and I still can't but the morning of surgery I did tell him that I had read his resume and I knew he was a good surgeon and I also told him that he was....the man..... he had a few good laughs from me before surgery. I can't say I didn't warn his scheduling nurse, Brenda, to alert him that I was a live wire. rnrnI was lead to think that Dr. Richards was a solemn, emotionless person, but I found out different. I love the whole staff. I met several of the doctors that work with him during my hospital stay. I can't say there's one thing that I don't like about Dr. Richards. His courtesy is off the charts, he always has a warm greeting and hand shake for you. I will tell future patients that he is a very sincere man and I think that's where people get the wrong idea about him from. On a scale of 1 to 100 I'd have to give Dr. Richards a 100 plus."

Vanderbilt Medical Center

"I was treated like a Princess and I really do mean it. They were so sweet to me and my mother while I stayed there. I can't really explain it all. I don't think I could have stayed in a better hospital. Thumbs up Vandy!!!"
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