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Unflavored Protein Powder

"This is the only TRULY unflavored protein powder I have found, and I just LOVE it! It is "spoon mixable" (no shaking required) and I can add it to almost anything and never know it is there. It was also VERY easy on my pouch the first month post-op. I would highyl recommend this to anyone having trouble with other protein mixes."

Kettering Memorial Hospital

"my only complaint was that, my last night there, I was hooked up to the leg PCA sleeves (which I could not reach to get off myself because of my huge incision), and they had given me an injection of Lasix. When I called for help getting out of bed to get to the bathroom, the night staff had not responded in 10 minutes and I could not wait. WITH MUCH PAIN, I was able to rip off one of the sleeves so I could use that foot to push the other one off so I could get up without waiting on them. Only AFTER I had been to the bathroom and back, and was sitting in the chair (not wanting to move any more, and unable to reach the call button, b/c I was then hurting so badly) that anyone came to assist me. 20 MINUTES after I told then I needed help getting up! You don't give a patient a diuretic, have them trapped in bed with PCA sleeves, and then NOT respond when they need to use the bathroom! Other than this, my experience was very good."
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