Peter Billing

"Dr. Billing is great! He is so caring and makes you feel so secure about everything that is going on. He explains everything that will be done so that you completely understand it. When you go to his office it doesn't feel like "going to the doctor", it feels like going to a family members house where everyone truly cares about you. Thank you so much Dr. Billing, Julie, Sue, Katie, Melanie and Nicole. You have all made such a positive change in my life I'm looking forward to the many adventures life has waiting for me now that I can live it again."

Melanie Machado

"Melanie is someone who really cares. She took the time and caring to listen and respond to all my questions and fears. Not only on a nutrional level, but on an emotional level that goes along with all the changes your life is going thru as your body changes."
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Oct 25, 2005
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