CindyG_ME wrote a blog post 10 years ago
Melt Down - Do cardiologists play golf on Mondays?   I showed up today at my cardiologists at 12:15 with my paperwork in hand and ready for my 12:30 echo.   The receptionists looked surprised ...

CindyG_ME wrote a blog post 10 years ago
Questions, Questions - Someone asked me yesterday how I was doing on the liquid thing.  "Was I hungry at all?"  Hmm...YES, OF COURSE I'M HUNGRY! I'M DRINKING 600 CAL. A DAY!  I'M STARVING! Of course we...

CindyG_ME scheduled a RNY for Jul 07, 2010. 10 years, 1 month ago
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CindyG_ME wrote a blog post 10 years, 1 month ago
A Surgery Date ~ ~ ~ Yikes! - I can't believe it!  I actually have a surgery date!  July 7  That's not very far away.  Now I'm nervous, but looking forward to a new , healthy, happy me that can actually do the ...
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