2021.09.27 - CW 188 (-48#)

Sep 27, 2021

So my morning brought me a good surprise/start! I am officially in the 180's club. Yay! I went to the park last night and walked my fastest time yet.. 3.04 miles in 58 mins 26 secs. So proud. I have an 11am meeting with the physical trainer so he can teach me some simple upper body stretches/exercises. Our first meet was last week and he was very nice, in a stern way.. lol.

On the foods front - doing well. My pouch reset was extremely sucessful. She is the boss of me again. I have been mindful of the fact that I do NOT have to finish my plate (even if it was a small/proper serving).. I am relearning to wrap it up or throw it away. Bad eating habits had crept up in the last few years.

On the clothes front  - Oo man.. I have missed some of the old hoodies I couldn't fit anymore.. and other clothes that have missed being worn in my closet, haha. Those NSV are awesome.

On the health front - well.. my watch sent me some alarming reports last night. I couldn't completely understand the results but the jist is that as it's been recording my physical activites for months, it has noticed a pattern. When I do exercise, I still have "low cardio fitness", that "may be due to low levels of physical activity or a medical condition". It goes on to say that "low cardio fitness can be a predicator of long-term issues like type-2 diabetes, colon cancer, cardiovascular and coronary artery disease, dementia and Alzheimer's." So I gotta raise that VO2 (the body's ability to take in, circulate and use oxygen). Fuck. I mean.. yay.

Trying to stay positive.

I have also decided to change my goal weight. I am now striving towards 130# as a Goal Weight.. so that means I have lost 48# with 58# to go. I can do this.

Good day to all 




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