2022.01.18 - CW 170 (-66#)

Jan 18, 2022

I had second thoughts about writing today.. but I better do it so that I can remind myself how it is to pull myself out of a gigantic fucking-funk.

I gained about 7 pounds (got up to 177#) and finally got around to losing it again. Man.. that was hard.

To recap: Besides me getting over shingles and Omicron.. my daughter got COVID (in CO), followed by my aunt & her entire household (in TX), my brother (in CA) - they are all vaxxed and boosted.. so recovery was quicker, but some had their moments. Then my mother who recently retired, broke her wrist. THEN my other brother was admitted to ER with massive bleeding in his stool (he almost passed out while driving).. turns out he has cirrhosis of the liver and bleeding into his stomach (will be put on donor list) - they put a shunt on his liver/TIPS procedure and was recently discharged due to the hospitals being short-staffed and no beds available. THEN THEN.. the special needs girl I care for started with non-stop diarrhea for the last month, along with some vomiting and is being tested for C. diff (a bacteria that causes severe diarrhea and colitis)! It doesn't seem to end. Barely hanging on.

But I am still here, breathing and walking and such. Still feel blessed. May life calm the fuck down just a little bit. I got this.


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