2022.01.27 - CW 166 (-70#)

Jan 27, 2022

Hello OH family. Thank you so much for the kind words on my last post. It's been so mentally and physically difficult to maintain sanity lately.. but can't lose sight of those silver linings. This morning I got good and not-so-good news. I'll start with the not: I got my test results for the COVID test I took a few days ago - positive. Yukkkk. But the worst is over and I feel blessed that I was able to quarantine. Staying hydrated and fed was the hardest, but achieveable. Once I started feeling better (and non-contageous).. I managed to go on a walk or two with my fur-baby Peanut.. to clear the lungs and mind. The trail by my house is extremely vacant, so it was heavenly. The good news is that as of today, I have officially lost 70#! Gonna ride that high for a little bit. Bless you all on your journey 

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