2022.05.28 - Re: Change of Goal Weight

May 28, 2022

LOL.. I am soooo all-over the place with this current weight. I lost 2# since I posted last. It's absurd. But I KNOW why.. I am supposed to be upping my calories and downing my excercise to maintain. But I caaaaan't.. You know how our brains are. Or maybe it's just mine? My biggest fear right now is re-gain. I want to maintain but my brain can't switch because the fear is very real. So I have been soul searching.. daughter seems to think I have reached a "happy place" - meaning "stop mom" - and I very much respect her opinion (only one out of my whole family). Everyone else hasn't been very supportive and/or otherwise, obnoxiously judg-y.

So I have changed my mind again. I think first time around, I safely set my goal weight at 150#.. when I was nearing it, I knew I could do better. Now that I reached the second goal I set for myself.. I see that my frame can handle losing another 10# - so 120# it is. Anything under that does not interest me. My daugther is 2" shorter and weighs 116# - she looks fantastic for her frame and I know I wouldn't look right. So yes.. new goal has been set. Yeah... 7 more # to go!!!

First plastics consult is next Wednesday the 1st of June. Excited, yet scared shitless. His work is amazing. He has experience with bariatric patients too which is a HUGE plus!


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