Erik Wilson

"Dr. Wilson made a wonderful first impression. He is fairly new in WLS (3-4 yrs clinical experience), but he was very upfront and informative about his practice, what he expects from his patients and what we should expect from them. One thing they can improve on is that they are a very busy office and it's difficult to catch his staff on the phone or get called back. Come prepared.. know why you want WLS. He addresses the risks of surgery extremely well. Brutal with facts and risks. Very honest."

Karen Krause

"Dr. Krause was a very down to Earth.. she made you feel really comfortable and seemed very attentive to your one-on-one meeting."

Maria Argao

"I went to Dr. Argao over a year ago to explore my WLS options. She immediately said "no" and that this decision was not a good one for me. She stated that she used to work for the Bariatric department before and that the girls there went under unneccesary pain. She stated that all I had to do was "lose weight and excercise". I really would like to find a PCP who is more supportive of patients looking into WLS. "
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