The Unofficial Update 5 months post-op...

Jan 28, 2010

 I decided to do my measurements today, because I havent done them in a while. I wanted to see where I was in my weight loss journey. I stepped on the scale today, and I was 204lbs. My waist measured 39" and my hips measured 49"... 

In total, since August 14, 2009 that means I have lost....

Weight 65 lbs lost
Waist 5" lost
Hips  8" lost
BMI dropped 11.6

I have noticed that I cannot eat bread of any kind, it is far too filling. Crackers, tortillas you name it, I'm done with it. I have no problem eating things I cant eat either. I dont have dumping syndrome. Sometimes I wish I did, so that I wouldn't eat the stuff I shouldn't.  I am having difficulty drinking from a glass or a bottle, UNLESS it is WITH a straw. Contrary to what they say, I find it much easier to consume the fluids I should be this way. I still get full very quickly and have not learned to eat slower and more frequently. With the weather so cold out, I'm not walking as much. Although having my licence medically suspended helps, cause I have no choice but to walk almost everywhere I go.... I'm supposed to go back to Hamilton for another check up, but without a licence to get there, they will have to settle for another long distance appointment......

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Almost 3 months Post Op

Nov 02, 2009

 I took my measurements today...
Here are the UNOFFICIAL results

Since Sept 17, when my measurements were done last,

2 inches from my hips
1 inch from my waist
BMI dropped 2.6
15 lbs lost

to date:

4 inches lost from my hips total
2 inches from my waist total
BMI dropped 7.9 total
45 lbs lost in total

............AND COUNTING.............
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A fork in the Road....

Sep 27, 2009

 Well, I hit a fork in the road last Sunday (Sept 20, 2009) Getting dinner dished out, I suffered another seizure. Havent had one in almost 2 years...I know what caused the first one, but this one--I have no clue....I called the Dr's from St. Jo's in Hamilton to advise them that I had the seizure, and they said they would be in touch with my family Dr here...they were....EXCEPT---they sent a fax over saying that " they regret to inform you (my family Dr) that the patient has EXPIRED!!!!!!........My Dr. just about had heart failure!!!!!.....She called me to make sure I was ok, then got in touch with the Dr's at St Jo's to make sure they understood that I had not EXPIRED!!......So I had to cancel my appt in November - that would be my 6 month check up...I dont have a driver's licence anymore...Just as well. I dreaded the 2 1/2 hr drive to Hamilton for a 10 minute appt.....So they are going to let MY Dr conduct the check up....!!!...Now I await my appt with my neurologist.........

4 week check up

Sep 17, 2009

 Ok, so maybe I was paranoid for nothing....... I went to St. Jo's today for my check up..  30lbs lost in total since June 18.... 12" inches  lost from my hips since June 18 and 5" lost from my waist.....They were happy, so Im happy.....I go back Nov 19 for my next appt.......

Not so great results....

Sep 14, 2009

 Well, I must admit, im disappointed with my results...Im 4 weeks post op..and only lost 30lbs....Ive suffered a painful bout of pancreatitis and bowel spasms. My taste buds are off, I am having a very hard time getting my fluids into me, not to mention food.....I go for my 4 week appt on thursday and Im worried im gonna get into trouble cause I havent dropped enough weight....Do I regret having the surgery?????..............Im undecided.....

1st Post op Visit

Aug 21, 2009

 Well.......I ventured back to Hamilton for my first post-op visit on Thursday August 20, 2009. Ive lost 3cm off my waist and 6cm off my hips since June 19 which was when they first did my measurements. I can tolerate the jello, the soup broth, but I cant drink that Boost...or the carnation breakfast drink....its just I am gonna hold off steppin on the scale for a few more days to see what happens...
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4 days Post Op

Aug 18, 2009

 Well, I did it, I was as cool as a cucumber too, no nerves, I wasnt scared either, I just let them give me the juice to put me to sleep and the rest is history. I just couldnt wait to wake up because the first thing I asked my best friend was if I had a baby...I think the nurses thought I must have been off my rocker because one of them actually said "why are you a Gramma?"......It just so happened, that while I was having my surgery, my  sister was in hosptial having her second baby...I HAVE ANOTHER NEPHEW!!!!....I knew going into surgery that she was in labour, so I was gonna ask that question as soon as I came to....Daniel Stewart was born on the same day as his Auntie had her special day too 

It's now 4 days post op, i havent had any pain meds since yesterday...careful they are constipating....I think that is my problem now, I cant drink my quota of fluids because I feel so full, I feel so full because of the constipation...Morphine and Codine can do that to you, so I will try the benefibre tomorrow to see if that helps...Since I got home yesterday, I have already lost another 5lbs....that makes 35 in total....I go for my Post op check up on Thursday.....will check in again then....



Aug 12, 2009

 Tomorrow is my pre-op, Im staying with my best friend and her husband for the night, and then I will go to the hospital at 6am for my 8am surgery. Im not nervous, or scared. I just want it over with so that I can get on with things....My kids are upset that Im going away for a few days, they know that I'm  having an operation on my stomach, but that is all they need to know...My oldest daughter likes to repeat things and doesnt always show the most tact when doing

So that is it, Into the home stretch now.......will post again soon...

remember Mom...This is for US   xo
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7 days and counting....

Aug 06, 2009

 wow....I cant believe its almost here..I was having so much trouble on the Optifast Even after losing 20lbs since July 29, and with 7 more days to go, I was advised I can come off it and stick to a modified diet...OMG I can have a scrambled egg!!!!!...IM in heaven!!!!.....
Gonna pack my bag on Sunday, make sure I have everything I need and cross the days off on my calendar....

Am I the ONLY dork, who cant figure out how to use the ticker tracker thingy for your weight loss on here? I never considered myself to be that dumb but WOW, I cant figure this site out at all!!!!!!!!!!!
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The Optifast start...

Aug 01, 2009

 Well, I started the Optifast on July 29... I have a severe case of diarreah, Im glad I chose the chocolate over the vanilla, cause I hate vanilla even worse, and the chocolate isnt all that great. I havent had ANYTHING else other than the Optifast and water, and I am almost down 10lbs.....Im burning keytones too....I know that's a good thing from when I did the Bernstein diet.  Only 10 days before I can come off the Optifast and start clear fluids, then the pico-salax...then August 14 is my day!!!......

The days are going by fast now.....

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