4 days Post Op

Aug 18, 2009

 Well, I did it, I was as cool as a cucumber too, no nerves, I wasnt scared either, I just let them give me the juice to put me to sleep and the rest is history. I just couldnt wait to wake up because the first thing I asked my best friend was if I had a baby...I think the nurses thought I must have been off my rocker because one of them actually said "why are you a Gramma?"......It just so happened, that while I was having my surgery, my  sister was in hosptial having her second baby...I HAVE ANOTHER NEPHEW!!!!....I knew going into surgery that she was in labour, so I was gonna ask that question as soon as I came to....Daniel Stewart was born on the same day as his Auntie had her special day too 

It's now 4 days post op, i havent had any pain meds since yesterday...careful they are constipating....I think that is my problem now, I cant drink my quota of fluids because I feel so full, I feel so full because of the constipation...Morphine and Codine can do that to you, so I will try the benefibre tomorrow to see if that helps...Since I got home yesterday, I have already lost another 5lbs....that makes 35 in total....I go for my Post op check up on Thursday.....will check in again then....


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