The Unofficial Update 5 months post-op...

Jan 28, 2010

 I decided to do my measurements today, because I havent done them in a while. I wanted to see where I was in my weight loss journey. I stepped on the scale today, and I was 204lbs. My waist measured 39" and my hips measured 49"... 

In total, since August 14, 2009 that means I have lost....

Weight 65 lbs lost
Waist 5" lost
Hips  8" lost
BMI dropped 11.6

I have noticed that I cannot eat bread of any kind, it is far too filling. Crackers, tortillas you name it, I'm done with it. I have no problem eating things I cant eat either. I dont have dumping syndrome. Sometimes I wish I did, so that I wouldn't eat the stuff I shouldn't.  I am having difficulty drinking from a glass or a bottle, UNLESS it is WITH a straw. Contrary to what they say, I find it much easier to consume the fluids I should be this way. I still get full very quickly and have not learned to eat slower and more frequently. With the weather so cold out, I'm not walking as much. Although having my licence medically suspended helps, cause I have no choice but to walk almost everywhere I go.... I'm supposed to go back to Hamilton for another check up, but without a licence to get there, they will have to settle for another long distance appointment......

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