October 31st, 2009

Oct 31, 2009

Well yesterday I went for my follow up to all the test that have been run on me over the last few months. I need a revision. I am very upset over it considering I have wanted answers 4 months after surgery when I stopped losing weight. It has nothing to do with the pouch. My pouch is still very small. The stoma was over dialated when I had my stricture fixed- of course.... why didn't I think of that! So my surgeon has vanished and I now have a wonderful Bariatric staff- with good references by the way. This is the part where I FAILED! I did not check out my surgeon before hand- I checked out the clinic but not the surgeon- had I done this I would have chosen another due to the fact he didn't even have 6 months worth of surgeries or experience. I know I'm writing a book here but its been awhile and I have walked around ashamed and blaming myself for almost a year I need to get this out. The NEW wonderful surgeon and his staff talked to me about my options- which are only one- the new ROSE procedure. Its been explained I only can get this revision currently because any other option is not open because my pouch is so small. The reason for this was explained that if they did a lap band there is not enough pouch to connect to the intestine to prevent the band from slipping. The other is a vertical sleeve gastrectomy but again I have only regained 8 pounds and its too expensive. All of the option are currently too expensive for me since my insurance will not cover any of these revision options. Bottom line- I need to save some money to get the rose procedure and my advice to others research, research, research and by the way RESEARCH before picking your surgeon or having any surgery.


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