Christopher Pruitt

Denton Regional Medical Center

"With the exception of two day Nurses who did not manage my pain meds very well, and 1 night nurse who was always right there when I needed pain meds or anything else, all was good. My only complaint was about two of the three Days Nurses. My praise goes out to the night Male Nurse, very caring, very understanding, and one outstanding individual."

Daryl Stewart

"What was your first impression of him/her? Very intelligent; knew exactly what he was doing; serious concern for and understanding of obese individuals and the pains, emotions and issues they deal with on a daily basis. The man is the real deal.rnrnHow did your impression change over time? It has only gotten better and better. rnrnHow would you describe his/her office staff? You couldn't find a more dedicated and involved caring staff. All of them treat the patient like a NORMAL person, which you don't find in other doctor's offices. I have noticed that obese individuals are often treated very differently than persons who do not have weight-related issues by health professionals, but his staff actually cares about each and every patient and stays positive and smiling all the time. Such a breath of fresh air. rnrnWhat did you like least about him/her? He is a man of few words, but that is ok. I can't think of anything negative to write about him. rnrnWhat should future patients know about him/her? That he is a very serious person. That's a good thing for a surgeon. rnrnHow much does he/she emphasize aftercare? It's absolutely required and if you don't follow the aftercare program his staff will haunt you until you do. rnrnDoes he/she have a structured aftercare program? Yes, very structured. Many classes that you must attend and he promotes the local support group that he asks you to attend along with your family members. rnrnHow did he/she address the risks of surgery? Very thoroughly - I felt he provided a detailed education and I am not in the medical field. rnrnHow would you rate him/her overall? Above average. rnrnWhich is better, surgical competence, bedside manner, or both great? Surgical compentence, bedside manner is ok, but a man of few words."
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