Off the Wagon

Apr 18, 2016

Hi All, It's been awhile.  I was doing great until about 6 months ago.  My husband has been in and of hospitals and subacute facilities since last fall.  Unfortunately, this means lots of time in the car and easting out of bags and boxes for me. A great deal of the time, my dinner has been a bag of popcorn when I get home around 11pm.  I am really struggling. I have gained 38 lbs since September.  I am also holding down my full time job and taking care of everything at home.  Even my dogs are getting fat because we have no time to exercise.  I know what I need to do, but I also know part of this is just depression and not taking time for myself.   I am asking for prayers, good wishes, positive energy, whatever your beliefs are, for me any my husband.  Interestingly enough, he has lost 130 lb since January, but I wouldn't recommend the method.  

Anyway, I wish you all success on your journeys.  We all know this is lifelong.  I just need to get back up in the driver's seat and get mine on the right trail. 


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