Home from the hospital

Nov 01, 2010

I got home around 6:00pm. yesterday. I was able to rest ( hospital should have a sign posted...Thou shalt not let thy patients sleep)!!!

On Monday, we got the hospital at 5 am and got my iv and all the other goodies to get me ready. Surgery was at 7am. I remember sliding off the gerny onto the operating table. They put compression blow up thingies on my legs, tied my arms down and put the mask on me. Next think I remember is waking up in my hospital room. ( slept through the whole recovery room episode)

The staff were very nice but some were clueless, they kept referring my as a RYN pt not a sleeve pt. We had a lot of pt education these last couple of days, lol. Dr said everything was very smooth, liver shrank down and they didn't have to jostle my insides around.

-Here is what I noticed:
-I have no appetite
-I made them order me a binder, I walked much better with one on, the JP drain didn't feel like it was being tugged on.
-Sipping is much easier than I thought. I have to force myself actually just to get 1 oz down.
-I had so much relief when they took the JP drain out.
-Walking helps with gas pain.
-use your spirometer ( breathing into thingy) it hurts at first but helps get all the gunk out of you chest
- expect nausea and dizziness, part of the process, I eneded up dry heaving 4-5 times with family yelling help and nurses running, it was mass chaos for 15 min. The nurse put something in my iv and I was out for 3 hrs, very scary!!
- leak test sucks, but it was cool seeing the die go down into my little banana ( note--- it does not look like the cute pictures in the books, lol)

I'm home now and not having any pain but the nausea and upset stomach is not fun :( I gained 6lbs in fluid so now I'm back up to 290 ( 4 more too lose)

Thank you for all you support and prayers!!!


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