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Jul 22, 2018

So... my surgery was Friday, July 20th. Doc says it went well, but during surgery they noticed an hiatal hernia which they went ahead and fixed. I had no clue what a hiatal hernia is, so I looked it up. It is where a small portion of your stomach pushes up through your diaphragm muscles; it can cause severe heart burn. 

I barely remember the hours after surgery, I was so groggy from the anesthesia and pain meds. I remember people/nurses talking to me but I don’t remember a word they said. Good thing my husband & parents were there. I did get up to walk at least 2x that first night but didn’t go very far. I walked more and further the next day, and they took me off the IV fluids once they saw I was tolerating liquids. They would bring me broth, water, popsicles, Powerade zero, jello. 

I was released on Sunday. I was keeping fluids down, but stopped the pain med because it made me extremely nauseated. The pain wasn’t too bad so I rather deal with pain than nausea. 

Now I’m home and the only issue is trying to get comfortable. Loaded up my bed with pillows to prop me up. Took a while but I found laying on my back slightly turned to the left was most comfortable. Most of the pain is on the right side of my belly, I think that is the incision they pulled my stomach out through. 

So far I am ok. No real regret. I do have moments where I stop and think did I really just do that to myself. But I will push through knowing the end is worth the journey!!!


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