9 days after banding

May 25, 2007

May 25, 2007
Well, well, well.....I have joined the life of a bandster and I am really excited. The most difficult thing so far has been the pre-op diet and the first few days after surgery. 

The surgery itself was quite uneventful - I arrived at the clinic at 10:30 am, I was walked into the surgery room at about 11:15 am, I was back at the hotel recuperating by 3:30 pm. I sometimes wonder if there really is a band around my stomach or if it is a cruel joke. The day of the surgery I drank only water - and to tell you the truth i didn't feel like much else. The second day after surgery I had clear fluid only, the third day, and the next 7 days i have been on full fluids. I have been enjoying creamy, low fat soups - but I am getting quite tired of the texture - as I am a texture queen. I have tried mashed potatoes and really blended hummus - both have been very yummy and have gone down fine. I just don't want to push it with too much too soon as I have been reading about the stretched stomach and then band slippage. Call me paranoid. 

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9 days after banding