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Oct 30, 2013

Well,  I am finally setting down to post since my surgery. 

It went really well, considering I woke up and I think I panicked and has so much pain in my chest that they gave me two shots of pain meds and my bp dropped very low and had to have meds for that.  Once my bp stabilized my friend was able to come in to the recovery room and I was still in so much pain.  My doctor was very accommodating and took photos of my stomach before and after and gave the photos to my friend who was not in the least bit interested but since I was so out of it she was solid and took the info from my doctor so she could tell me later, such a great friend I have supporting me!!!  She is looking to have surgery the first of the year and was very suprised by how much pain I was in and was starting to second guess her surgery.

Later that morning when I was in my room I was still in extreme pain and in and out with the pain meds.  I did try to get up and walk.  I didn't make it very far before I was back in bed.  My sister brought my mom up to see me and mom was very worried about me because I was in such pain.  I just tried to put on a brave face for her and put her mind at ease.  

I took a long nap and had a little bit of broth at lunch.  My mouth was so dry and  I was so thirsty, but just had ice chips, not a lot of help but made to.  I took another nap and then started walking the floor.  

My friend came back up after getting her kids settled from school and she stayed for quite awhile supporting me and walking with me.  I had a few other friends come by and also support me and walk with me.  

My friend suggested sitting my bed up more so I was not laying down so much and that really was the turning point for me to start feeling better.  I did not have gas or burping so much but I was hiccuping alot.  The pain in my chest, right between my breasts, eased up a bit later that night but I was still flying high on pain meds, at least according to my friends (I don't remember too much).  

My doctor's partner made the rounds the next morning and I was feeling better and no complications so he gave me the green light to go home.  I made it home before lunch!  It has been good in sense that I have not had many bad days where I was in pain or upset stomach.  I was off the pain meds within two days and stopped the stomach spasm meds in a week.  My sleeve really tells me when I am done and it is amazing how I am content with such a small amount of food.  

I am having a hard time now with fluids as nothing taste good.  I was a huge ice tea drinker prior to surgery and it just is not the same after.  I am trying new things to add to my tea and water, hoping I find something soon that I can stomach.

Sorry this is such a long post but have not posted since my surgery and wanted to update .  I really have enjoyed reading other peoples journey and if there is anything to be learned I would like to share and hear any feedback.

Hopefully I will be able to post soon and tell how it is going, but so far I would not change a thing.  Love my Sleeve!!!


Have a surgery date!!!

Aug 20, 2013

After going to primary and having labs and chest x-ray done, I met with the surgeon today and set my date as September 11th.  Could have been sooner but my sister is going to have to help with my mom so need dates that work good for her.  Everything is ready and just have to wait.


things happening, really fast now

Aug 01, 2013

Well, after going to my three month nutritional meetings I set up appointment with a new primary doctor on Friday July 26th.  She sent in the referral for weight loss surgery and I received a call today from insurance that I was approved.  She asked if I wanted to proceed, what a silly question, of course I want to proceed.  She said I would be getting some information in the mail and I would be getting a call from the benefits office.  I then received a call from the benefits office explaining what they cover and I would need to get with the surgeon's office to find out what my out of pocket expenses will be.  I was advised that I will be getting the call for the psych eval and they called within the hour.  I scheduled it for Tuesday morning before work, hopefully not too stressful.  I cannot believe how fast it seems to be moving.  I am going to call the surgeons office tomorrow so I can try and set up the appointments and see what happens next.  


Very exciting and cannot wait to see what happens next!!!


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