I have never known a skinny Cole. I've always been overweight. I think the last picture I have of me at a normal weight was back in kindergarten. Even when I've successfuly lost weight, I've still had more to lose to be at a healthy weight.

I have always been active. I am not one that sits around on the couch. All through grade school (right up till graduation) I was either out and about with friends, running around in the yard, or doing some wild and crazy camping trip with girl scouts. I was part of a high adventure GS troop that teamed up with a boy scout troop to do a lot of camping trips. We did everything from rock climbing, backpacking, canoeing, white water rafting, rapelling, spalunking (however that is spelled) and so much more. These are all activities that are great excersise and I was doing them at least 2 a month on the weekends. The other weekends I was out with friends being the crazy active kid I was.

When I got to college, I didn't slow down. I worked a 60 hour week in a highly active position. (This included almost every weekend) I was an event manager, so always up and moving around, setting up rooms, meeting with clients, walking the campus, etc. It was NOT a desk job. I then went to school from 6-10pm, so I didnt even have time to be a couch potato. I actually lost weight my freshman and sophomore years because I was so active.

After college I kept up the crazy hours and lots of engery job of being an event manager. It wasn't until recently that I've slowed down. Even with slowing down though I'm still active. It's so frustrating to know that I'm not an over-eater. I know I don't eat as healthy as I should, but I'm not gorging myself either, and never have. Yet the weight stays, and when it does come off through dieting, or excersize, it's right back on me afterwards.

I've been researching WLS for the past 9 months now. I really think my system needs a major kick in the ass. I also know that for me...it has to be drastic for it to stick, and for me to get the habits down even more.

I have a co-worker that had the lap-band. She looks amazing. I didn't considering doing wls because of her as I'm terrified of dr's. I was terrified of the idea of doing something so extreme. Why couldn't I do this myself? I have to keep trying.

Well I've just reached my limit of trying on my own, knowing that I've always been large, no matter how active I am, and now's a great time to fix it an live the rest of my life right. I'm 25, and it's time to get life on track.

I don't have an issue with my size. Yes, of course I'm frustrated with it, but it's also the only me I've ever known.

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