Last day of 2008!

Dec 31, 2008

What a long and interesting year.
Just wanted to put a post up saying that I made it through the tough part and am now able to eat soft solid protein.  No more broth and Jello and I have been allowed to go to 2 protein shakes per day as opposed to 3.  Am down 17 lbs, 17 lbs in 10 days!!  Wow!  My NP at my surgeon's office told me to look for 2-4lbs weekly, since I am on the smaller (ha funny to hear that come out of someones mouth) side of most WLS patients.  We'll see.  Am still tired and very lazy...remnants of the old me..doesn't help that we are in the middle of winter in New England!  I am thinking about climbing my small stairway for a bit of exercise.
I am happier now than last week, I was devastated at first, I was questioning why I had gone ahead with the surgery.  My head is in a slightly better place now, but I do miss food.  I need to really believe that it is fuel for the body and not a constant stuff your face fest!  I do find myself turning to the thought of putting stuff into my mouth even though I have just finished eating!!!  Amazing!  I find myself snapping at my husband who says he wants to lose some weight, but will have a bowl of cereal 15-20 minutes after eating.  We'll figure it out!

All for now, I could continue forever!

Happy New Year!!!

Got through it!

Dec 24, 2008

I can't believe what a big deal it was to be around a big meal....if someone had said this a week ago I would have laughed!
So I made it and it wasn't that bad....except when they had the livingroom sitting all around me.....I got a little cranky and nasty but everyone was really good.....I did do this to myself! The protein shakes help!

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!

Christmas Eve

Dec 24, 2008

Oh boy is this tough! I am sitting in my brother's livingroom listening to my family consume a fabulous smelling dinner.  Food smells sooo good.
 Can't wait to go and heat up some water for my protein shake w/sf hot cocoa mix.  Much better than anything their having. (sarcasm and a sense of humor will get me through this!)  I want to yell hurry up and finish stuffing your faces, but I am trying to be nice!  I almost stayed home because  I knew how difficult this would be, but I came for the family and the Yankee Swap. 
Would enjoy a glass of wine too....but this smart water is yummy!!!!

Okay...lets go!


Dec 23, 2008

I'm home, had some complications which kept me in the hospital for 2 extra days. None of them do to the bypass, happily. Just a bit sore and pretty tired, had a major snow storm and walking outside is out of the question, petrified to slip on ice!
Have a few issues that i am trying to find answers to. I am going to post a few things and see what kind of feedback I get back.
Right now I am wondering if I did the right thing....I can't wait to add a future blog saying that I did!   I wish that it wasn't winter! Exercise outside will be difficult BUT not impossible!

Thanks for all of the prayers and positive messages, truly appreciated!

Okay, here's the deal, I am HUNGRY!  The sugar free free jello I can still tolerate but the fat free salt free taste free smells like a wet dog broth makes me want to vomit!  Arghh. wasn't expecting this to be so difficult!  In the hospital I was actually fantasizing about cheeze its!  I can't believe how often food is mentioned on TV.  I was able to start my protein shakes when i got home yesterday, was very excited!!! tried chocolate unjury....OMG wanted to be sick, finished it though, felt full...but I swear I smelled it all over the house last night!  The Nectar that I could tolerate before surgery another big yuck!  and the Isopure the after taste is horrid.  I need to find something..and i will be ok!  My husband was soo sweet, he crushed iced and tried to make me a "pina colada" w/ the nectar...nope didn't cut it, but he was great to do it! He closes the kitchen door when he makes dinner for them...too awesome!  I licked my daughter's oatmeal spoon this am....had to get that out!
Thank goodness for sugar free popsicles.  Water oh what fun this is going to be to get 48-64 ounces in day, it is okay until you factor in the times before and after meals!  I WILL GET THIS AND I WILL BE OK, just wanted to put it out there, maybe get some feedback!

Okay, so in being an honest person I will blog honestly, I ate a small amount of lowfat cottage cheese today. I know it is too early, but I couldn't stomach the thought of jello, broth or protein drinks.  It was good, have been drinking water all night since 60 minutes after. I feel so guilty. Ahh feel a little lighter now.
The next challenge will be my brother's house tomorrow for Christmas Eve, food smells soooooo good!  Maybe we'll make a pit stop at Whole Foods and I can find a few different protein drinks!

So thrilled that I was able to shop for Christmas before surgery!  Wish that I had wrapped everything already! 

Done for now!

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