Postop day 3.

Apr 11, 2015

My first day home from the hospital.  I got home late last evening.  The kept me for an extra day and a half because I apparently have severe apnea after surgery and they could not get me to breathe for quite some time.  I look like a human pin cushion, lol.  I guess they were trying to draw blood for blood tests?  Of all the things I could have that are tiny, I get veins?  Not tiny waist or tiny tummy?  Yay me.  :P  

Today is DEFINITELY the best day so far.  I was also super nauseous for all of postop day 1 and also part of yesterday.  I am not a fan of being nauseous.  I hope that doesn't return.  I am also at my exact weight the day of surgery, so once this gas dissipates and some of this fluid retention is gone I hope to also see some actual pounds lost.  Here's to a new, heathlier me!! 


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