This is no joke!

Apr 12, 2015

Postop day 4, and I spent the entire day eating 1/2 cup portions over 30 minutes, resting for 15 minutes, drinking 8 ounces of fluid over 60 to 90 minutes, resting for 15 minutes, repeat repeat repeat.  It's a full-time job!!  I got my Sparkpeople page all up to date and added a bunch of recipes (almost all of them for "later") and tracking my goals.  Happy to say I got in 64 gm of protein- woot!- but that was solely due to the shake/pudding thing I had for breakfast, which was too thick at a 1/2 cup and had to be thinned, so tomorrow I don't really expect to hit goal quite so easily.  Hunger is still a thing, unfortunately, and my son's egg rolls he made for dinner almost drove me to gnaw off my right arm (I am left handed, so...) but I had myself a half cup of cream of chicken soup, Campbell's, made with water, and that seems to be holding hunger at bay fairly well right now.  I go to bed in an hour and  half and I plan to make this here 9 oz glass of water last that long.  My urine output is not what I want it to be and tomorrow I plan to up the liquid consumption considerably.  I also want to find out if I can get this JP drain out soon.  It's on my nerves.  :P 


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