Post op day 14

Apr 21, 2015

It's been two weeks?  Wow.  Times flies when you are learning a new, healthy lifestyle!  I am now down 29 pounds since I started the preop diet 4 weeks ago.  I am still on full liquids but I have added baby food meats to my diet, which helps me deal with the cravings for a nice meat-forward meal.  Too bad I can't barbeque it.  :P  Still, I am doing a good job of keeping up wiith my protein requirements and when I don't, I feel it the next day. 

Two days ago I was noticing extreme fatigue.  Like, get up, get the kid off to school and go back to bed for a 3-hour nap.  I was exhausted by 10 pm even with the ridiculous naps, so I decided to add my sublingual B12 to my morning medication regiment, even though I should have waited until this Friday because I meet with my surgeon that day.  I have had no ill effects from this and I absolutely feel less fatigue.  I was able to stay up all day yesterday and I got a full 8 hours of sleep last night and took the B12 first thing this morning.  It is now 1 pm and I feel great! 

I am so glad I decided to take control of my health again.  I was (still am) a little skeptical that this would be any different from the Lap-Band debaucle but each day I feel better and more hopeful that this is the tool I needed to help me create the body and the life that I want. 


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