The day that changed my life

Dec 18, 2020

It was a beautiful sunny day in December 2015. I was a happy mother of two beautiful kids. They were 4 yrs and 9months old at the time. I was on my way home from meeting another birth doula about a client in need of support. I loved my volunteer work. Witnessing the miracle of life happen before my eyes. Capturing memories for moms. The roads were bare I was travelling at 90km and coming up to an 80km drop to the end of the fork that split the east and west bound lanes.

I was driving in westbound double lane when I noticed a Jeep veer towards my lane, she kept turning across from the right lane and was trying to make a uturn

I did not have time to stop and we collided. I don’t recall the impact very well other then noticing bruise on my left temples and seatbelt rash across my body. I felt wet from urine in my pants it was mortifying. I got out trying to cover it up, the lady came up to me asking if I was ok she’s sorry for doing something stupid. I went to the ambulance for paramedics to check me out and my vitals. I asked them if they had anything for me to wear as I was soaked from bladder loss I was so embarrassed and they reassured me it happens. They released me from the scene and the tow truck driver took me to the rental lot for a car and I met my in-laws there they drove me home. On the way home shooting pain ripped through my body I was in tears, I went to the hospital soon as I got back to the town.

They put me on a backboard and turned me back and forth checking my cervical for broken bones. Then sent me by ambulance to Stratford hospital. I was in so much pain and the bumpy ride did not help.

They hooked me up to iv and the smell of alcohol through it was awful, I felt a flushing sense like I wet myself again.

the ct showed soft tissues

They sent me home with Tylenol. That was the day it changed mine and my family’s life.

I fell into a depression not understanding how I would deal with a brain injury and chronic pain.
My eating habits grew worse on cymbalta medication and here I am today preparing for my new journey. 



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Dec 18, 2020
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